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Lilliput Lane Models in Cambridgeshire

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Picture of LL Model Name Original Town Visit? LL Ref. Dates Actual Location Grid Reference IoE
The Bell At Stilton Stilton Hotel L3027 Jan 07

The Bell Inn Hotel


N52.488 W0.288


Birthday Cake Hemingford
Private Dwelling L3741 Jan 15

Lane End Cottage
Common Lane

PE28 9A

. NL
Blacksmith's Cottage  Abbotsley Private Dwelling L3011 Jan 07

1 Blacksmith's Lane

PE19 6UG

N52.1931 W0.2030 395407
Christmas at the Blacksmith's
Christmas At Toseland Toseland Church . Jun 09

Parish Church Of St Michael

High Street PE19 6RX

 N52.2847 W0.1848 395933
  Christmas Cracker Castor  Private Dwelling    


 Clay Lane (west side)

PE5 7AT 

N52.574 W0.345   49916
. Climbing Rose (PYO) Barrington Private Dwelling . . Duncan Cottage,

12 High Street (north side)

N52.1286 W0.0375 .52060
Cornflower Cottage Comberton Private Dwelling   June 2007 Millyard

38 West Street

N52.1870 W0.0162 51676
  Country Garage Ashley Private Dwelling L2701   On sharp bend on B1063.  N52.2265 E0.48397  
  Deer Park Hall   Not Cambs

E Sussex Downs


  Dovecote Little Thetford Private Dwelling L2830   9, Main Street

Little Thetford

N52.363 E0.249   
Due Drop Cottage Great Wilbraham Private Dwelling L3409 Jan 12 Whitethorn

63 Church Street

  CB1 5JQ

N52.1961 E0.2636 51505  BLB
  Flying Scotsman (scene) Hemingford

01480 463605

    Axe & Compasses pub on Church Lane/High Street  N59.322       W0.118  53921
Flying Through The Snow   Hemingford Abbots Pub

01480 463605

 .   Axe & Compasses pub on Church Lane/High Street  N59.322       W0.118  53921
  Garden Guests West Perry  Private Dwelling L2820   Tree Top Cottage on Perry High Street N52.289 W0.321   399642
  Grantchester Meadows Grantchester Private Dwelling . Jul 92 Crossways,

1 Coton Road (south side), CB3 9NH

N52.1808 E0.0930  51716
Sep 96

Halcyon Days Not Stagsden, Beds

Hemingford Abbots

Private Dwelling L2047 Jan 97

Mar 99

Park Lodge on Rideaway PE28 9AG

Follow signs from A14 to Hemingford Abbots and it on left before you reach villlage

N52.3187 W0.1243 53956
House Of Straw Catworth Private Dwelling L3391 Jun 11 The Cottage,


PE28 0PA

N52.3460 W0.4047 398945


The Malt House
Foxton Private Dwelling . 2015

The Lodge
13 High Street

CB22 6SP

Old Malt House
Lodge To Foxton House





Moored The Merrier Godmanchester At Private Dwelling L3385 Jun 11 On stream at back of 10 The Avenue N52.3197 W0.1762 NL
Mother's Cottage Wicken Private Dwelling L2914 Jan 06

Butts Farmhouse

15 Pond Green (north side)

N52.3124 E0.3026


Mother's Garden Houghton Private Dwelling L2323 Jan 00 Junction of A1123 and St Ives Road to Houghton N52.3187 W0.1243 54115
Sep 03
Over The Moon Southoe Private Dwelling     11, Bell Lane, PE19 5XZ N52.2676 W0.2644 N/A
  Pussy Willow .  Private Dwelling .   In Cambridge Fens on A47 between Guyhirn and Thorney Toll behind a working grain store . .
Rambling Blossom [Rambling Briar](PYO) Lode Private Dwelling L2941 Jan 06 2 Mill Road N52.2420 W0.2428  47357
Silent Night 43rd.jpg (16004 bytes)  Cambridge Brass Rubbing Centre  L2318    Round Church. Junction of bridge St/Sidney St/St john's St.

Bridge Street



N52.2084 E0.1186   47357
  Spinney, The                
  Star Inn, The Grantchester  Pub  L2319 Jan 00 Red Lion Pub

High Street 

N52.1802 E0.0951  Not listed
Dec 00
Swan Green Lode Private Dwelling L2941   2 Mill Road N52.2420 W0.2428 49310
  Three Feathers                
Time for Christmas Cambridge Visiting L3731  

Clock Tower
in Great Court
Trinity College,
Trinity Lane

N52.2069 E0.1161 47269 


Wendy House Huntingdon       Summer House at Hinchingbrooke
Brampton Road

PE29 3BN



  Windy Mill Trumpington  No longer exists L2662 Jan 04 Assumed based on Old Trumpington Mill which was demolished in 1890  Not known  n/a
Ye Olde Guild Hall Peterborough     Jun 15

Old Guild Hall
3 Church Street,

  49597  BLB

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