Trinity College

Up Trinity Chapel Wren Library


Trinity College was founded in 1546 by Henry VIII and is famous for its Alumni which include Sir Isaac Newton......

It is open to visitors at certain times with the Wren library visits separate

Lilliput Lane's "Time for Christmas" is based on the Clock Tower in Great Court, Trinity College, Trinity Lane, Cambridge CB2 1TQ

[IoE 47269  BLB] The tower can be seen when Visiting the college

The Main Gate Has a very regal looking Henry VIII with Orb and Sceptre except.........
...on closer inspection the sceptre is a ........ chair leg from a prank many years ago. It has remained there to this day: when in the 1980s students exchanged the chair leg for a bicycle pump, the College replaced the chair leg. Newton's rooms were to the left of the Great Gate
Photo Chuck Bur June 27, 2006 The Great Court     360 Panorama
Newton's statue at the entrance to the Chapel.....holding a prism he bought at Stourbridge Fair....same shape as that in John's Rainbow Garden
The Chapel     The Stained Glass windows are a history of the church [Click for details]
43tr.jpg (15677 bytes) The Great Court Run was depicted in Chariots of Fire (but filmed at Eton College)

The Great Court Run is an attempt to run round the perimeter of Great Court (approximately 367 metres), in the 43 seconds during the clock striking twelve.

In October 1988 the race was recreated for charity by Britain's two foremost middle-distance runners, Sebastian Coe and Steve Cram. Daly Thompson, the decathelete, was a reserve. Coe won, getting round in 42.53 seconds. Alas, he didn't quite beat the chimes, as the clock had been wound the day before, and the chimes ran somewhat faster than their usual 43 seconds because of the extra turn of rope on the drum.

The Great Court    Panorama
The Clock Tower
The fountain Queen's Gate
Trinity Chapel Wren Library contains many valuable manuscripts -- including the original of Winnie-the-Pooh. Visit entrance by Queen's Road
In the Summer Shakespeare plays are performed in the Fellows Garden Outside wall


Barriers for Tour de France Day July 7, 2014 A performance of "The Tempest" in Trinity Garden
.........on August 5, 2019

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