Trinity Chapel Windows

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Trinity College, Cambridge -- Stained Glass in the Chapel Windows    Click on windows for more details
I couldn't find many pictures of Henry Holiday's Stained Glass windows in Trinity College, Cambridge so I decided to create my own pages.

Since I did so such information has been added to its website by Trinity College click here
(Please note that my numbering runs East  to West  -- as on a plan --whereas Trinity uses West to East)

The windows are numbered 1 to 8 from the Ante Chapel to the Altar. I have tried to identify the person depicted in each window and provide links with information about that person. If you have any corrections, comments or advice please contact me at

My thanks to Duncan Rogers, Tourist Custodian at Trinity, for information he has provided

Ref:   Stained Glass Images at Trinity College, Cambridge    Henry Holiday windows at Trinity College Cambridge (pics)
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Famous Alumni Masters & Clerics Kings, Queens & Bishops Bishops, Archbishops Saints, Popes, leaders Doctors of the Church/ Saints Early Popes/Martyrs/ Teachers Disciples/ Apostles
Richard Bentley

Isaac Newton

Roger Cotes

John Ray

John Dryden

Abraham Cowley

Isaac Barrow

John Pearson

Thomas Nevile

John Whitgift

Martin Bucer

John Redman

Cuthbert Tunstall

Bishop John Fisher

"John de Baggeshote"

{William} de Buxton

Queen Mary Tudor

Henry VIII

Edward III

Henry de Stanton

Hugh de Balsham

Henry III

St Etheldreda

King Siegebert

Thomas Wolsey

William of Wykeham 

Robert Grosseteste

Hugh of Lincoln

Steven Langton

Thomas Becket



Giotto di Bondone??

St Francis of Assisi

Gregory VII


Dante Allighieri

Louis IX

Thomas Aquinas


St Gregory

St Benedict

St Leo the Great

St Martin

St Augustine

St Monica

St Jerome

St Ambrose

St Cyprian



St Perpetua

St Pantaenus

St Justin

St Ignatius

St Clemens of Rome

Mary Magdelene

St Thomas

St Martha

St Mary


St Nathanial

St Philip

St Andrew

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Famous Alumni Martyrs, Translators & Monarchs C13       Early Christians Evangelists & Apostles
Sir Henry Spelman

Lord John Craven

 Andrew Marvell

 John Hacket

Francis Bacon

John Donne

George Herbert

Sir Edward Coke

Hugh Latimer

Edward VI

Nicolas Ridley

Queen Elizabeth I

John Wycliffe


William Tyndale

Thomas Cranmer

Edward Wall

John Duns Scotus

Geoffrey Chaucer

William Caxton

Simon de Montfort

Matthew Paris

Edward I

Roger Bacon


Venerable Bede


King Alfred



Queen Bertha



Emperor Constantine


Emperor Justine

St Athanasius

St Basil

St Ephrem

St Chrysostom




St Onesimus

St Barnabas

St Stephen

St Timothy


St James

St Peter

St Paul

St Apollos

St Matthew

St Mark

St Luke

St John

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