Rose Garden



The Rose Garden is in fact the only "back garden" to Gable Cottage. I wanted to create something that would provide a burst of colour after the Blues and purples of the main garden and would celebrate something of local history.

The result is the Rainbow Rose Garden

Inspired by the work of Isaac Newton at nearby Trinity College Cambridge and his 1665 experiments to prove that white light is made up of the spectrum of colours.   Blue Light Experiment 

The garden has white roses and then a Prism which feeds to roses which are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green (!), and Blue.

Newton holding a prism he bought at Stourbridge Fair.(Trinity College) John's Prism Old Pound note -- prism to left
At end March 2007, I managed to catch the light throwing the rainbow on the wall -- and I'd got the order right!
I need to take better pics of each rose next year!
Blue Green Yellow Orange Red
"Blue Moon" Viridiflora Chinensis "Teasing Georgia" "Westerland" "F. J. Grootendorst"
3x4 rose garden.jpg (11841 bytes)
Before: August 24, 2003 All colours in bloom June 14, 2006
The build

Sep 19, 2003 First planting
Binks from next door likes the rockery when the sun is out

After pruning March 29, 2007

In snow (Dec 19, 2009)  

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