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Name Model Original Notes on Location
Pussy Willow

Photo above: Claire Scott           6 detailed photo's by Jan & Geoff Hampson

LL:"Flat Fenlands"

Claire Scott info: "On A47  before Thorney Toll. Best seen if come from Guyhirn end. It will be on your right just before/behind a very large storage building."  Long distance away.

Jan & Geoff Hampson  write:

The cottage is on A47

between Guyhirn and Thorney

Toll behind a working grain

store (we had permission to

go on the premises 

to take the photo's).



Spinney, The    LL Catalogue:  "18th Century farm workers cottage"

GW 1993/1 adds:

"The Spinney is based on a simple design found in the Cambridgeshire Fens. This timber farmed cottage built in the 18th century for a farm worker is single bay construction with a tiny outhouse attached. A later occupant, probably Victorian had grand designs for his house which is evident in a Palladian style porch"

Claire Scott suggests its in Wicken based on there being a Spinney Fen & Spinney Abbey. JRS has checked the area to no avail.


Three Feathers   "Interpretation of  a public house in Cambridgeshire, and is based on many medieval inns that exist in the area. Oak framed and Tudor chimneys...."
Wendy House   Photos: Hilary Armstrong


Huntingdon, Cambs

Summer House at Hinchingbrooke

(120m SW of house)

Brampton Road

PE29 3BN

IoE 53749


Hilary Armstrong writes:

To view this one you have to get permission from the school as it is not possible to see it otherwise
as it is in the grounds of the house. The easiest way to find it is to go in via Brampton pass the
air base over the roundabout and right at the next round about and the school is on that road
on the left hand side.

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