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This page provides information on models for which the information in catalogues or on deeds is misleading.....and would therefore lead to frustration on the part of "hunters" by going to the wrong place or looking for the wrong building.

This does not cover variances of models from original buildings as that is a matter of artistic license by the sculptors...thats part of the fun!

Model Blooper

Acorn Cottage

In Hants not Surrey

Ashley Combe Lodge

At Porlock Weir which is in Somerset, Not Dorset as in LL Catalogue

Birchwood Cottage Deed photo is of "Peartree Cottage", 2 buildings away in same street
Butterfly Cottage In Aspenden not Buntingford as on deed
Bredon House Stated to be "nr Stratford upon Avon". Sources in LL say  "Bredon House is styled on a building located at Elmley Castle, Worcestershire."  We can neither confirm or deny this!
Chiltern Mill In Brill Bucks not Bedfordshire
Cotman Cottage Listed as Norfolk, actually in NW Suffolk, but close to border!
Enchanted Garden In South Gorley not Mockbeggar
Faithful Friends Deed photo is of different cottage in Gt Tew
Flower Basket Deed photo is actually of Maurice Bishop Art Gallery
Frosty Morning Deed says Queniborough Leicestershier but actually Brinklow in Warks and photo doesn't look like model??
Gardener's Cottage At Peasmarsh in Sussex not Kent
Gingerbread Shop In Wiltshire (South of Devizes) not Gloucestershire
Grandma's Garden Not Winterbourne Earls but Winterbourne Dauntsey
Granny Smith's In Wiltshire (Horton) not Worcestershire
Halcyon Days Not Stagsden, Beds but Hemingford Abbots, Cambs
Kentish Cottage (PYO) In Suffolk (we believe at the time of production (released 1995) two PYO models (Suffolk Cottage and Kentish Cottage) were given the wrong names by Lilliput Lane.
Lazy Days At Letcombe Regis in Oxfordshire not in Hampshire
Little Lupins Deed photo matches house in Needham, Norfolk not Bridge Street, Suffolk
Make Light of the Snow North Marston is in Bucks not Bedfordshire
Mother & Daughter We think photo is of a different cottage (they are prevalent in the area)
Nightingale In Pilton not Duddington
Nursery Cottage Is in Lamarsh which is in Essex not Suffolk
Pear Tree Cottage Lilliput Lane catalogue 2005 indicates location as "Worcestershire" but we beleive it's in Mansell Lacy in Herefordshire
St Mary's Church Not Shropshire but Woodkirk, Yorkshire
St Joseph's Church Not Worcestershire but at Miserden, Gloucestershire.
Snow Stories Deed states Cropthorne but actually in Fladbury (Worcs)
Suffolk Cottage In Kent (we believe at the time of production (released 1995) two PYO models (Suffolk Cottage and Kentish Cottage) were given the wrong names by Lilliput Lane.
Temple Bar Folly [Not Blooper] Has been moved from Cheshunt to Pasternoster Square, St Paul's, London
To The Rescue In Godshill not Hungerford
Watermill At Uplyme which is in Devon not Dorset

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