Lilliput Lane Original Buildings

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This web page is part of the "Locations and Photos of Lilliput Lane Originals" [LAPOLLO] Website

This site is a personal web site run by John Saville and is not endorsed by Enesco or the Lilliput Lane Collectors Club. All information is provided on a "best efforts" basis and no responsibility can be taken for lost time or finance if relied on.             Webmaster:

  • Many tens of thousands of people around the world own ......... or have given models made by Lilliput Lane.
  • Some may have wondered if there is a building on which it is based ...and if so where it is.
  • Deed cards give some information...maybe the town.....but not a precise location.
  • We believe this is one of the most comprehensive collection of information identifying the buildings on which the models are based.
  • Welcome to LAPOLLO : "Locations And Photos Of Lilliput Lane Originals" !!
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Other Lilliput Lane items   Lilliput Lane produced other series not based upon buildings. As this site is becoming a reference point for people worldwide with queries on LL items we are starting to include some of these on the site

e.g. Childrens Plaques (PYO)

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The website was originated by John & Judy Saville but with input from friends around the world.

We started when Judy was living in the US and John brought her a cottage as a "taste of England".

When we moved to England to live  (with several more models) we thought it would be fun to try and find  some of them.

We not only found the buildings but also many charming places well off the tourist track.

We started to take photos of them for our own website and these still form the basis of many links from this website.

John & Judy at "Periwinkle Cottage" which is based on a tea room in the National Trust village of Selworthy in Somerset. (Oct 2002)

I have met like-minded people from all over the world and this site contains photos and information from them.

I would particularly acknowledge help from:

  • Carol Applegate (USA)
  • Sherri Reicher (USA)
  • Claire Scott (New Zealand)
  • Jan & Mike Tarrant (New Zealand)
  • Graham Weeks (UK)
  • Jan & Geoff Hampson (UK)
  • Debbie & Gerald Gill
  • Hilary Armstrong


Carol Applegate with Jan Tarrant and Sherri Reicher (LLFair Sept 2006) [Photo: Mike Tarrant]

Judy & John with Jan & Mike Tarrant (LLFair Sept 2006) [Photo: Gill Family]

The highlight of the 2010 Lilliput Lane Fair at Knebworth was meeting several of the people who contribute to the LAPOLLO website.


Hilary Armstrong     Geoff & Jan Hampson


Mike Tarrant      Gerald Gill       Debbie Gill     Jan Tarrant

We hope that this site will be of use to people who:

Please remember that many of the buildings are private homes or on private land and the privacy of the residents must be respected.

To help you see what has changed since you last visited the site, an update page is provided. If you would like to be put on an email list to be notified of updates pleas email

Please note the Copyright provisions

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites: models of places on this list display this logo and link to the World Heritage information about the site
English Heritage Images of England gives details of all "listed" buildings in England. IoE references are given and mostbhave photos. Please note to make most use of this site you need to Register with your email address and a password and preferably log in prior to using the links from this site.
British Listed Buildings Online An excellent website that takes the IoE information (less pictures but adds location information in terms of post codes, latitude and longitude with links to various maps including Google Earth and Google Street map "Do you have a passion for collecting Lilliput Lanes? Then this is the place for you. Your guide of Lilliput Lanes is here to keep you up-to-date on these world-famous miniature cottages"

Individuals' Sites

Photos of several cottages with 4 views for each, indexed by name, year of introduction and code number


If you are looking for somewhere to stay in the area while visiting the Visitor Centre or looking for some of the many original buildings in the Lake District you might want to consider Church Court Cottages in Gamblesby. John stayed there whilst he visited the are for a week including the 2007 LL Fair.

They are run by:

  • Mark Cowell who was Lilliput Lane's European Sales Manager from 1990 to 1996  &

  • Patricia Clowes who was a sculptor from 1988 to 1994

Contact info:  Telephone : +44(0)1768 881682  Email:

This is a personal website run by John Saville.  All web pages are Copyright John Saville as are all photographs unless otherwise indicated. Other information (e.g. maps etc) may be copyright to others as indicated. No information may be copied or reproduced without prior permission (from: but this will almost certainly be willingly granted.