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This page is for people who would like to visit the location of the original and learn where it is located

1) Go to the alphabetic list of all models with a thumbnail picture of each model (where we have it)

2) Click on the picture and it will take you to a page with either:

  • the location where the original is with pictures of the model and the original building and, possibly, other buildings of interest at that location and links to other websites to enhance your understanding of the location ...or



  •  a list of models on a geographic basis (e.g. county within the UK) with pictures of the original building


Please remember that many of the buildings are private homes or on private land and the privacy of the residents must be respected.

On the other hand it may be a public building for you to visit such as:

  • pubs (e.g. "The White Swan" is The Swan in Radwell, Bedfordshire as shown above)
  • shops (often not selling what you'd expect from the model e.g. "Bill & Ben's" in Alfriston, Sussex sells Teddy Bears rather than gardening goods!,
  • museums (e.g. "Parsons Retreat" is Clare Ancient House Museum in Clare, Suffolk)
  • tea shops (e.g. "Periwinkle Cottage " in Selworthy, Somerset)
  • B&B (e.g. "We Plough The Fields And Scatter" is based on Lower House Farm in the village of Bossington in North Somerset which takes B&B guests)
  • Holiday Rentals -- e.g. National Trust or Landmark Trust
  • Tourist Information Centres (e.g. "Sweet Lavender " in Wyndonham, Norfolk)
  • etc).

For these we try and provide a link so you can check o latest information such as opening times, or book ahead for a meal or a stay.


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