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This web site is designed to increase peoples' enjoyment of Lilliput Lane models by providing information and photos about the buildings upon which the models are based.

It is not designed to assist in the purchase or selling of models ....... but..... as it is probably the most comprehensive site about Lilliput Lane models on the web, people often write to enquire as to how they might acquire a particular model, or have items for sale that they wish to know the value and/or how to sell them.

The following is information is provided without endorsement but may be of help.



The value of a model will depend on many factors -- it is after all what someone is willing to pay at that point in time. There are few Lilliput Lane models that come for sale so eegularly that they can be considered "a commodity".

The best place to find an idea of current insurance value is by Viv Marston and can be found at:

An idea of value  of specific models can also be obtained by watching sales of Lilliput Lane models on eBay:


Buying or Selling

If you have particular models for sale, or you wish to purchase, the links for Viv Marston and eBay above may help.

My experience with eBay is that there is a flurry of activity in the last few minutes. the only way to pre-empt it is to put in your max bid about 5-10 mins before the end and hope that people keep trying small increments and never reach your max.

If the model you are seeking is not on eBay at the moment, remember that you can do a search and then tick the box "Follow this search" which will then trigger notifications when someone puts one on for sale.


In addition there is are websites for enthusiasts. You may have to join  ... but it is free.

In the US you may find models at:


I hope this helps people ...............

John S








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