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Mother & Daughter Roudham Private dwelling L2636   "The Lodge", West Lodge to Roudham Hall N52.4474 E0.8782  219873


We think Lilliput Lane's "Mother & Daughter" is based on a cottage in Roudham.

There are a number of similar buildings in the area, and differences between the model and deed photo, which causes confusion.

The confusion is that the deed card states both Roudham and ..."built to enhance the Shadwell Estate". From Roudham to the main part of the current Shadwell Estate is 4.4 miles direct. There are also buildings similar to this one on the current estate.

Debbie Gill writes the following which clarifies things:

"Mother & Daughter was a different pair of cottages than the ones you have photographed. We too found those first. Further along Roudham Road we turned right down a track. This led to the Mother & daughter (IOE 219873). The gate had The Lodge written on it. It was next to a ruin and opposite the entrance to a farm. Unfortunately I can't remember the farm's name. The ruin with the cottage side caught in the photo can be found at ."



Photo: Debbie Gill


Photo from deed reproduced without permission Photo: Debbie Gill
The building depicted on the deed card is "The Lodge", West Lodge to Roudham Hall  (IOE 219873)
It is near this ruin of St Andrew, Roudham  
The one we originally identified is South on corner of B1111 and Roudham Road in Larling

Obviously the owners want their privacy and have grown tall hedges.

We wanted to respect that and did not venture photos within the boundary.

IoE 219869 & 219870

Photo: Debbie Gill

Photo: Debbie Gill

Photo: Debbie Gill

The map below shows the position of this one.

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