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. Climbing Rose (PYO) Barrington Private Dwelling . . Duncan Cottage,

12 High Street (north side)

N52.1286 W0.0375 .52060
We visited Barrington on March 15, 2006 and were struck by the wealth of charming cottages and how spread out it is
Lilliput Lane's "Climbing Rose (PYO)" is based on Duncan Cottage, 12 High Street (north side) [IoE 52060]
  Earlier photo from Jan Tarrant who gave us location information.
The owner was busy planting out spring beddding plants
To the right (east) is this chapel converted to a home. "...a Congregational chapel, erected in 1856 on a site given by John Coleman esq. and holding 500 persons" To the left are 18 [IoE 52062] & 14 High Street [IoE 52061]
Further West on High Street are: Wolverton Cottage No 26 [52066], No22 [52065] & No 20 [52063]... ...and even further west is the Guildhall no 36 [IoE 52067]
On the South side of the High Street are Red House No 27 [IoE 52075], Slid Lane No 29 [52072] & Honesuckle Nos 31/33 [52073]
The Green in 1910          Information about Barrington circa 1900

Barrington Fair:

BARRINGTON 5396 2500. 1334 Subsidy 180. See also VCH Cambridgeshire, v, p. 148.
  M (Charter) Mon; gr 3 Feb 1335, by K Edw III to Thomas de Heselarton. To be held at the manor (CChR, 132741, p. 328).
  F (Charter) vfm, Margaret (20 Jul); gr 3 Feb 1335, by K Edw III to Thomas de Heselarton. To be held at the manor (CChR, 132741, p. 328). Fair continued until the nineteenth century (VCH Cambridgeshire, v, p. 148).

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