Round Church


Round Church

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Silent Night 43rd.jpg (16004 bytes)  Cambridge Visitor Centre  L2318    Round Church. Junction of Bridge St/Sidney St/St john's St. N52.2084 E0.1186   47357
Lilliput Lane's "Silent night" is modelled on the "Round Church"  [Church of the Holy Sepulchre], one of 4 round churches in England

The model and original ......which is one of Judy's favourite places in England
It is Norman and dates from the times of the Crusades Nave
Side aisle The "Round" ......... based on "The Church of the Holy Sepulcher" in Jerusalem. It has several small stained glass windows
The  Chancel 1 window dates from 1946 and is full of symbolism ...especially the Pelican

the Church ceased to function is such in 19xx.

It now:

I stopped near the Church to see the start of the Tour de France on July 7, 2014

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