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Picture of LL Model Name Original Town Visit? LL Ref. Dates Actual Location Grid Reference IoE
Blacksmith's Cottage    Abbotsley Private Dwelling L3011 Jan 07 1 Blacksmith's Lane

PE19 6UG

N52.1931 W0.2030 395407
Abbotsley is a village in that part of Cambridgeshire which was formerly Huntingdonshire.   Village   GenUKi
Lilliput Lane's "Blacksmith's Cottage" is based on 1 BLACKSMITHS LANE    PE19 6UG  [IOE: 395407]  (identified by Carol Applegate)
Blacksmith's is to the left of the Village sign from east  
Village Hall Look down towards Village sign & Blacksmith's Lane
The Eight Bells pub is opposite the church 56? High Street (next to Blacksmith's)
58 High Street [IoE 395446] This house "Gimle" looks modern but is thatched.
View from Blacksmith's
St Margaret's Church [IoE 395444]   Note large late 16th-century figures of kings said to represent Macbeth, Malcolm, Harold and William.
5 & 7 High Street [IoE 395415]
Spectacular chimneys on Vicarage Farmhouse [IoE 395417]
Home Farm, 67 High Street [IoE 395418]


A derelict Standard 10 -- just like John's first car Someone has a petrol pump in their garden

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