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 Lilliput Lane Models in Warwickshire

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Anne Hathaway Cottage (1) Shottery Open to public .    

Anne Hathaway's Cottage,

Cottage Lane

CV37 9HH

N52.1904 W1.7310 366226
Anne Hathaway Cottage (2)1989 .  
Anne Hathaway's Cottage (3) L2825  
Arbury Lodge Astley . . Jun 97 Jun 97
Astley Lodge
Astley  Lane
CV10 7PX

(West Lodge to Arbury Hall)

N52.5078 W1.5231 309107


The Bluebell Henly in Arden Pub . Jun 13

The Bluebell Dining Pub

93 High Street

B95 5AW

. 482673


Bredon House Stratford Upon Avon (nr) or  Elmley Castle, Worcestershire . .   . . .
Bring Out The Figgy Pudding Hunningham Private Dwelling   Jun 11  The Old Bakehouse


CV33 9DS

N52.3097 W1.4548 308276


Bridle & Bit Stables Radway . L2364   Grange Stables

Tysoe Road

CV35 0UE

N52.4292 W1.4600 .
Busy Bees Atherstone . . Jan 15

Beehive Cottage
Coleshill Road


  309212  BLB
Caesar's Tower & The Barbican 4x3 Warwick Castle.jpg (14282 bytes) Warwick Castle     Part of Warwick Castle N52.2784  W1.5690  
3x3 chocolate box.JPG (11687 bytes) The Chocolate Box 4x3 selly hall.jpg (7916 bytes) Bournville Museum L2585   Part of Selly Manor N52.4304  W 1.934  
4x3_chocolate_factory.jpg (10282 bytes) The Chocolate Factory 4x3 bourneville po on own.jpg (17077 bytes) Bournville Shop/ Post Office L2586   Bournville Post Office N52.4304  W 1.934  
Christmas Eve Welford-on-Avon Private Dwellings & Church L2651   Several buildings around church

Church Street/Boat Lane CV37 8EN/CV37 8EJ

N52.1679 W1.7882 483185 483209 483208
. Christmas Vintner Stratford Upon Avon Cafe/ Wine Bar   Jan 11 4 Sheep Street

CV37 6EF

N52.1914 W1.7064 366391  BLB
Country Charm Cottage (PYO) Shottery Open to public    

Anne Hathaway's Cottage, Cottage Lane CV37 9HH

N52.1904 W1.7310 366226
Days Gone By Hatton Bottom     Jan 15 Hatton Bottom Lock
Lock 26
Old Budbrooke Road,

CV35 7JL
Four Seasons Warwick Open to public .   Lord Leycester Hospital
60 High Street
CV34 4BH
N52.2801 W1.5907 307505 307506


Frosty Morning   Not Queniborough Leics


Private Dwelling      The Rise

50 Broad Street (East Side)

N52.4110 W1.3614


Gamekeeper's Cottage Coldcomfort, Arrow Private Dwelling (across private land) .   Keepers Lodge

B49 5PT

(on Cold Comfort Farm)

N52.2201 W1.8991 NL
Golden Cross Coventry   L3675 Jan 14

 8/10 Hay Lane 


218416 BLB  
Granny's Summerhouse Charlecote

In grounds open to public

  Jan 09

Granny's Summerhouse, Charlecote Park

CV35 9ER

N52.2060 W1.6213


Harbury Windmill Harbury Private Dwelling L3171 Jan 09

Harbury Windmill

Mill Lane

CV33 9HP

N52.2370 W1.4561 307093


Hearts Afire Thurlaston Private Dwelling   Jan 16

The Old Forge
Main Street
 CV23 9JS

N52.3356 W1.3148 308753     BLB
Heaven Scent Long Compton . L2506  

on A3400
CV36 5JJ

N51.9946 W1.5825 306031  BLB
Henley Tearoom Henley in Arden Ice Cream Parlour and Tea Rooms, L2826   Ye Olde Tudor Dairy

152 High Street (West Side)

N52.2902 W1.7805 482705
Lapworth Lock Lapworth Private Dwelling .  

"Rowington Lock No 28" on Stratford Canal south

52.3198 W1.7262 308322
Little Mill, The Marston Sicca Private Dwelling L250I  

Butterfly Cottage

Dorsington Road [north side]

CV37 8RW

N52.1318 W1.7818 482978
Little Smithy Claverdon Shop 796   The Forge

Church Road CV35 8PD

N52.2806 W1.7085 482441
Mill & Engine House, The Warwick Castle Gounds open to public     Grounds of Warwick Castle   307366
Peace On Earth Temple Grafton Church . .

St Andrews

Church Bank

B49 6NU

N52.1920 W1.8198 483176
Peardrop Parlour   Polesworth . L2449   No longer exists . .
Picture This Honington . . Jun 09

Rose Cottage

CV36 5AA

3x3 rest.jpg (7234 bytes) The Rest House 4x3 bourneville octagon.jpg (13004 bytes) Bournville Shop L2655   Bournville Green N52.4304  W 1.934  
Shakespeares Birthplace Shalespears Birthplace.jpg (6742 bytes) Stratford-Upon-Avon Museum L2214   Henley Street
(well signposted)
N52.1942 W1.7086 366277
L3449 Jun 12
Abbey Gatehouse
Stoneleigh     Sept 15

Stoneleigh Abbey Gatehouse Stoneleigh Abbey,


N52.3392 W1.5347 308139


Abbey Stables
Stoneleigh     Sept 15

Stables and Riding School
Stoneleigh Abbey,


N52.3390 W1.5317 308143 


Teacosy Cottage Leek Wootton   L2996 Jan 07 THE COTTAGE,
83 Warwick  Road

CV35 7QX

N52.3135 W1.5765 308080
Thyme Cottage Eathorpe   L3402  Jan 12

 Myrtle Cottage And Thyme Cottage
Main Street

CV33 9DE

N52.3181 W1.4276 308033


Tired Timbers Preston-on-Stour Private Dwelling 724   Old Ship Cottage??

CV37 8NG

N52.1486 W1.7045 483019


The Vintner Stratford Upon Avon Cafe/ Wine Bar   Jan 11

4 Sheep Street

CV37 6EF

N52.1914 W1.7064 366391  BLB
Warwick Castle Boathouse Warwick Castle Gounds open to publi     Grounds of Warwick Castle    
Welford Garlands Welford-on-Avon Private Dwelling .   Tenpenny Cottage

Boat Lane

CV37 8EN

N52.1676 W1.7890 483185
Wenlock Rise   . . .   . . .
William Shakespeare’s Birthplace 1989 Shalespears Birthplace.jpg (6742 bytes) Stratford Upon Avon Museum . Feb 83

Henley Street (well signposted)

N52.1942 W1.7086  


Jul 89
William Shakespeare's Birthplace Shalespears Birthplace.jpg (6742 bytes) Stratford Upon Avon Museum . Jul 89

Henley Street (well signposted)

N52.1942 W1.7086  


Dec 92

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