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Pictures of LL Model Name Original Town Visit LL Ref. Dates Actual Location Grid Ref. IoE
3x3 chocolate box.JPG (11687 bytes) The Chocolate Box 4x3 selly hall.jpg (7916 bytes) Bournville Museum L2585   Part of Selly Manor N52.4304  W 1.934  
4x3_chocolate_factory.jpg (10282 bytes) The Chocolate Factory 4x3 bourneville po on own.jpg (17077 bytes) Bournville Gift Shop L2586   Bourneville Designs

35 Sycamore Road B30 2AA

N52.4304  W 1.934  
3x3 rest.jpg (7234 bytes) The Rest House 4x3 bourneville octagon.jpg (13004 bytes) Bournville Shop L2655   Bournville Green N52.4304  W 1.934  
Bournville is a town, now in the suburbs of Birmingham, built by the Cadbury's to house their workers      Virtual Tour
4x3 chocolate factory.jpg (10264 bytes) 4x3 bourneville po on own.jpg (17077 bytes)
Lilliput Lane model "The Chocolate Factory"..... based on this building which is now the Post Office
4x3 bourneville po2.jpg (12977 bytes)
This building used to be the Post Office (at the time of the L fair in 2003). On a recent visit I found it was now an up-market gift shop selling designer jewellery..
Lilliput lane's "The Chocolate Factory" is based on Bourneville Designs 35 Sycamore Road B30 2AA
3x3 rest.jpg (7234 bytes) 4x3 bourneville octagon.jpg (13004 bytes)
Lilliput Lane model "The Rest House"..... based on this building given by workers to the Cadbury's  on thgeir Silver Wedding
4x3 bourneville octagon judy.jpg (11767 bytes) 4x3 bourneville octagon model.jpg (14539 bytes)
3x3 chocolate box.JPG (11687 bytes) 4x3 selly hall.jpg (7916 bytes)
Lilliput Lane model "The Chocolate Box"..... based on Selly Manor     Virtual Tour
4x3 selly hall 3.jpg (16632 bytes) 4x3 selly hall barn.jpg (14288 bytes)
This is one of the best small museums in England......... ...and also includes Minworth Greaves
Both buildings were moved from other sites in the early 20th Century
4x3 bourneville bell tower.jpg (16411 bytes) 4x3 bourneville church.jpg (10425 bytes)
The Carillon is modelled on one at Bruges The local church
4x3 bourneville cricket ground.jpg (9106 bytes)  
The Sports field  
4x3 LL collectors.jpg (17565 bytes) 4x3 LL RandD.jpg (13249 bytes)
Tents for the Lilliput Lane 21st Birthday event
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