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Model Name Originals Town Visit? LL Ref. Dates Actual Location Grid Reference IoE
Gamekeeper's Cottage Coldcomfort, Arrow Private Dwelling (across private land) .   Keepers Lodge

B49 5PT

(on Cold Comfort Farm)

N52.2201 W1.8991 NL
Lilliput Lane's "Gamekeepers Cottage" is based on Keepers Lodge, Cold Comfort Farm B49 5PT

Photo: Sherri Reicher

This very difficult to see as it requires a long walk across private land. Contact me if you think of visiting.

I did have a talk with the resident, who informed me that this had been a hoe for the gamekeeper on the Ragley Hall Estate. She commented that there is a "twin" of this building on the other side of the estate.

 Unfortunately I lost many of the photos I took.

On the A435 heading north, between the A422 and the B4090, turn west onto Cold Comfort Lane,
This as far as you can drive
as it's a private road It's a long walk to Cold Comfort Farm [IoE 305014   BLB]
(and Keeper's Cottage is beyond that!)

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