Henley in Arden


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The Bluebell, Henley in Arden  Pub   Jun 13

The Bluebell Dining Pub

93 High Street

B95 5AW



Henley Tearoom Henley in Arden Ice Cream Parlour and Tea Rooms, L2826   Ye Olde Tudor Dairy

152 High Street (West Side)

N52.2902 W1.7805 482705
Lilliput Lane's "The Bluebell" is based on  The Bluebell Dining Pub 93 High Street B95 5AW [IoE 482673  BLB]

Photo: Claire Scott

Photo: Hilary Armstrong
Lilliput Lane's "Henley Tearoom" is based on  Ye Olde Tudor Dairy, 152 High Street (West Side)  [IoE 482705]

Photo: Jan Tarrant

Other buildings in Henley-in-Arden
The old school is now 3 dwellings -- but they still use the separate entrances for boys & girls [IoE 48276]
Yew Tree Hotel  [IoE 482770]
Plaque on Yew Tree Hotel Milestone outside Milestone Cottage 185 High Street [IoE 482739]. Dated 1748. Ashlar painted gloss black within a brick surround. Inscribed: FROM LONDON/ CII MILES/ FROM STRATFORD/ VIII/ TO BIRMINGHAM/ XIV/ 1748
View down High Street The Old White Horse [IoE 482693]
115/117 George House 121 123/Stone House Joseph Hardy House, 150 High Street [IoE 482704]
Visitor Centre
482685 482765 482688 482690

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