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Lilliput Lane Models in Somerset

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Picture of LL Model Name Original Town Visit LL Ref. Dates Actual Location Grid Reference IoE
Ashley Combe Lodge .. Porlock Weir, Somerset

 (not Dorset)

Private dwelling   Jan 08 Ashley Combe Lodge at bottom of Worthy Toll Road

TA24 8PG

N51.2213 W3.6365 265456
Beekeepers Cottage Kilve . L2316  

Tudor Cottage


Buttermilk Farm Tivington Private dwelling L2099  

Tivington Farm

Eight Acre lane

TA24 8SU

N51.1994 W3.5316 265544
Butterwick Selworthy Private dwelling .   Cottage on Selworthy Green N51.2100 W 3.5493 265520
Cats_Whiskers_small.jpg (1627 bytes) The Cats Whiskers cats_whiskers_and_Judy_web.jpg (9254 bytes) South Petherton Charity Shop L2275   Little Thatch

27 St James' Street just across from the Blake Hall

TA13 5BS

N50.94874  W2.80916 264245
Cider Apple Cottage Selworthy Private dwelling .   Stratford Cottage

on A39 East of Selworthy (South Side)

N51.2019 W 3.5514 265535
Colstream Guard Dillington . L2778  

West Lodge



TA19 9DY

. 264032
Culbone Church Culbone       near Porlock Weir

1 mile walk west from Ashley Combe Lodge

Christmas at  Culbone
Daisy Chain Porlock (nr) B&B L2460  

The Gables


 TA24 8LG

N51.2087 W3.5935 265462
4x3 dunster yarn.jpg (14551 bytes) Dunster Yarn Market 4x3 judy at yarn market.jpg (37993 bytes) Dunster Open public area     High Street at North End N51.1842 W3.4444 264694
Flower_Basket.jpg (8456 bytes) The Flower Basket flower basket and Judy web.jpg (13144 bytes) Dunster Private Dwelling L2407   18 Church Street.

Former priest's house in churchyard.

N51.1830 W3.4456 264659
George Inn, The Norton St Philip Hotel L2098  

The George Inn

The Plain (West side)

BA2  7LH

. 267257
Get Yer Buns At Sally Lunn's Bath Museum and cafe L3378 Jun 11

Sally Lunns House

4 North Parade Passage




Glastonbury Tor Glastonbury   June 15 St Michael's Tower

Glastonbury Tor

N51.1447 W2.6987 BLB
Green Gables Wiveliscombe . L2100  

Abbotsfield Lodge

Abbotsfield , TA4 2SU

[On the B 3227 from Wiveliscombe ]

. 270203
Hestercombe Gardens Hestercombe House Open to public L2063  

Orangery at Hestercombe Gardens

Cheddon FitzpaineTA2 8LG

Honey Pot Tearoom   Bossington Tea Room L2994 Jan 07


TA24 8HQ

N51.2203 W 3.5794 265496
House of Wood Wrington     Nov 11

Lodge Alwick Court

 Aldwick Lane

BS40 5RE

  34002   BLB
Lead Kindly Light Barrington Church



Church of St Mary The Virgin



Lead Kindly Light in Winter Barrington L2621  
Little Bee No Longer Exists . .   No location -- demolished .  
Little Scrumpy   . . L2395   . .  
Little Star Bruton . L2487   . .  
Little Treasure Luccombe Private dwelling L2466   Wychanger Cottage

Holt Ball Steep

TA24 8TA

N51.888 W 3.5589 265338
Lorna Doone's Farm Malmsmead Gift Shop (inc. LL) & appartment


L2788   Lorna Doone Farm

EX35 6NU

N51.2163 W 3.7315 397355
Make a Wish . Assumed




Tudor Cottage


Manor View Claverton   L3444  

The Avenue
The Lodge at entrance to Claverton Manor

The American Museum



Montacute_small.jpg (1543 bytes) Montacute Crown web montacute crown with judy.jpg (14408 bytes) Montacute

NT Property

L2379   Garden of Montacute House (NT) N50.9506 W2.71262 434952
New_Neighbours.jpg (9297 bytes) New Neighbours web new neighbours.jpg (11369 bytes) Durston Private dwelling L2229  

May Tree Cottage,

South side of A361,

Opposite Old School House

N51.0475 W3.0129 270607
Old_Mill_at_Dunster.jpg (9218 bytes) Old Mill at Dunster web watermill.jpg (18288 bytes) Dunster Working Mil open to public L2396   Lower Mill, Mill Street. N51.1804 W3.4452 264700
Old Pepper Pot Frome Cafe L3572 Jun 13

Cafe La Strada

13 Cheap Street

BA11 1BN



web old scrumpy farm.jpg (12110 bytes) Old Scrumpy Farm web scrumpy farm.jpg (14706 bytes) Allerford Private dwelling     Meadowside or Packhorse cottage.

From A39 take road to Allerford

N51.2061 W3.5688


Periwinkle_Cottage.jpg (9455 bytes) Periwinkle Cottage web Periwinkle cottage.jpg (10175 bytes) Selworthy Tea Room     Tea Room in National Trust Village N51.2101 W3.5494  
Porlock Down Selworthy Private dwelling     The Rest (next to NT shop)

Selworthy Green

N 51.21006 W 3.54936  
Postman's Knock Luccombe Private dwelling    

Ketnor (Former Post Office)

Corner of Stoney Street

TA24 8TE

N51.1894 W 3.5592 265334
Royal Oak Inn Winsford Inn .   The Royal Oak
TA24 7JE
N51.1028 W3.5639 265569
Silver Birch Combe Hay . L3006 Jan 07

The Lodge


. 32434
Somerset Springtime (Plaque) Selworthy       The Rest (next to NT shop)

Selworthy Green

N51.2100 W 3.5493 265521
Spring Gate Cottage Luccombe Private dwelling 696  

Hill Gate Cottage

Top of Stoney Street

N51.1869 W 3.5628 265346
Stradling Priory Nr Edington Private dwelling 153  

Chilton Priory,

A39 Bath Road (north side)

{4.4 miles from M5 Jn 23}

N51.1464 W 3.8972 269457
Summer Fun Porlock Weir holiday cottage   Jun 16 Quay Cottage
TA24 8PB
N51.2197 W 3.6276 N/L
Sunny Selworthy web selworthy church exterior.jpg (12358 bytes) Selworthy Green Village L3003 Jan 07 Selworthy Green N51.2100 W 3.5493 265524 265522 265523 265521 265531
Sweet Pea Cottage Selworthy Private dwelling 692   Higher Lodge  Buddle Hill

At the turn off from the main road on the way to Selworthy

N51.2055 W 3.5581 265511
Tying The Knot   West Quantoxhead Church L2604   The Church of St Audries .  
Wassail Cottage Lympsham . .  

Manor Lodge

Church Road (West side)

. 434397
We_plough_the_fields.jpg (9174 bytes) We Plough the Fields web we plough.jpg (12888 bytes) Bossington B&B L2412   From Allerford pass the car park in Bossington. Take first right (dead end). N51.22106 W3.5824  
Wheyside Cottage . . 613   see Somerset LLNV .  
The_Windmill_small.jpg (1448 bytes) The Windmill high ham windmill web.jpg (4003 bytes) High Ham National Trust

L2224   Windmill Road, Henley N51.06911  W2.80779 263124
Winter Warmer Winsford Inn L2446   The Royal Oak
TA24 7JE
N51.1028 W3.5639 265569
Wisteria Lane Brendon Hill Private dwelling L2942   Off B3244. On road to Treborough north of B3244 approx. 0.7 miles west of its jn with B3190 N51.1036 W 3.4080 ..


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