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Picture of LL Model Name Original Town Visit LL Ref. Dates Actual Location Grid Reference IoE
Stradling Priory Nr Edington Private dwelling 153   Chilton Priory,

A39 Bath Road (north side)

{4.4 miles from M5 Jn 23}

N51.1464 W 3.8972 269457
Lilliput Lane's "Stradling Priory" is based on Chilton Priory, A39 Bath Road (north side) [IoE 269457] {4.4 miles from M5 Jn 23}

It is a Folly built for William Stradling an antiquarian and collector, to house his collection

"Chilton Priory is the church-like structure by the side of the main road from Bridgwater to  Wells, about half a mile from Chilton village. It is a modern building, though incorporating old material
 said to belong to a Benedictine priory, and was once a museum. The top of the tower commands a fine  view both of the plain of Sedgemoor and the Brue Level, with the Quantocks and Mendips in the  background"

Claire Scott gave directions as: On the right if coming from Street"

Jan Tarrant confirms: "On A39. Opposite Stawell Turn Off"

Chilton Priory, Bath Road

Daily Mail Sale information June 2015


At the time of my visit the place seemed unoccupied and there was a tree trunk across the top of the driveway.
Photos: Jan Tarrant

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