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Periwinkle_Cottage.jpg (9455 bytes) Periwinkle Cottage web Periwinkle cottage.jpg (10175 bytes) Selworthy Tea Room     Tea Room in Selworthy Green N51.2101 W3.5494 265522
Lilliput Lane's "Periwinkle Cottage" is modelled on one of the same name which is now a Tea Room   NT Estate 69-70
Periwinkle Cottage.jpg (9455 bytes) web Periwinkle cottage.jpg (10175 bytes)
4x3 judy periwinkle.jpg (37847 bytes) I visited Periwnkle in October 2001 with my (now ex-) wife, Judy

There is a story attached to the acquisition of this model which was retired by Lilliput Lane in September 1996. While we were at the tea room (below left) I remembered there was a Lilliput Lane model of the same name. The waitress confirmed this and said she'd thought of getting one. I realised that one could be for sale on eBay and thought this might make a surprise Christmas present for Judy.

I found one. ...but it was in the US. The solution was to have it sent to my old office in Michigan so I could collect it on a December US business visit. Unfortunately it didn't arrive in time before I had to return to England. However Judy's children were going to visit us in the UK for Christmas, but they didn't have time to pick it up at the office -- 50 miles away. So the model was taken from the office by one of my friends who met Judy's son Charlie at a road side on M23. He then hand carried it to England. After I picked them up at Heathrow, Charlie nearly gave the game away but I managed to intervene in time. The picture below is Judy on Christmas Day 2001 with her surprise

web john and judy at Periwinkle cottage.jpg (15121 bytes) web judy and Periwinkle cottage.jpg (13584 bytes)
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