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 Lilliput Lane Models in Oxfordshire

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Pictures of LL Model Name Original Town Visit LL Ref. Dates Actual Location Grid Ref. IoE
All The Fun Of The Fair .. Steventon Private dwelling/ B&B  and barn for hire L2617 Jan 04

Mar 06

Nos 67 & 79 The Causeway

OX13 6SQ

N51.6223 W1.3262 251377


Barley Mow Inn . Clifton Hampden Pub L2915   West just as the road turns sharply south of the Thames Bridge N51.6537 W1.2089 248680
. Best Friends Letcombe Bassett Private Dwelling L2079   The Cott

Jn Gramps Hill/ Holborn Hill

N51.5633 W1.4624 .
The Bird Cage


Hotel   Jun 12

The Bird Cage Hotel,

N51.7472 W0.9775 248466 


  Birthday Party Kingstone Winslow Private Dwelling L2493   White Cottage


(top of Station Road)

N51.5701 W1.6219 .
Bladon Village Pump Bladon       Village Pump

Park Street, OX20 1RQ

(opp Park Lane & White House pub)

N51.8312 W1.3505 252665
Bridle Way . . . .   . . .
Bunny Burrows West Hagbourne Private dwelling L2371  

Green Thatch, Main Street

OX11 0ND

N51.5856 W1.2616 248771
Candlelight Cottage Burford Butchers Shop L2824  


111High Street

N51.8072 W1.6368 419984
China Shop, The Burford Gift & Sweet Shop 740  

Christmas Court

94 High Street  OX18 4QJ

N51.8078 W1.6368 420372

Chocolate Box

Treats for

Oxford Bank   Jun 12

Old Lloyds Bank

1 Cornmarket Street

N51.7521 W1.2576 245466


Christmas Callerrs Brightwell-cum-Sotwell Private Dwelling L3669 Jun 13

Moat Cottage,
The Street  
(opposite Red Lion)
OX10 0RP

N51.6124 W1.1605 249179
Church of St Martin Bladon Church     Church of St Martin

Church Street
OX20 1RW

N51.8312 W1.3505 252656
Cookery Nook . Waterstock Private Dwelling L2939   Orchard End
OX33 1JU
N51.7462 W1.0771 .246738
Country School Adderbury Private Dwelling L2463  

Shepherds Keep,

Water Lane (north side)

N52.0158 W1.3148 .
Cut Above, A Burford Gift Shop inc Weddings L2594  


92 High Street

OX18 4QF

N51.8078 W1.6368 420370
Daisy Chain Florist Burford Antiques shop L2833  

"Antiques at the George"

The Old George Inn

104 High Street

N51.8078 W1.6368


Diamonds and Pearls Hook Norton Private dwelling L2522   Composite:

Crooked Thatch, East End

OX15 5LG

N51.9984 W1.4768     361487
 Upper Tadmarton Private dwelling Cotswold Cottage,

Main Road,  

 OX15 5SH

N52.0372 W1.4275 244110
Faithful Friends Great Tew Private Residence L2354   15 - 18 Old Road N51.960  


. Grafton Lock Grafton Open lock area   Jun 10

Grafton Lock

OX18 2RY

N51.6192 W1.6084 N/L
The Grand Bridge Blenheim Palace On Blenheinm Estate   Oct 10

Grand Bridge

Blenheim Palace

Green Country (CYO) Chazey Heath Private dwelling   2009 Yew Tree Cottage A4074 [west side]


N51.4907 W1.0016 247393


Hadleigh Cottage Wroxton Private dwelling L2221  

Spring Cottage

Mills Lane [By pond]

OX15 6PY

N52.0730 W1.3969 244804
Heading Home For Christmas Oxford College. Not open to public

See note


Jan 12

Staircase to Dining Hall

Hertford College

Catte Street


Heart Of Gold, A Harwell Very Private dwelling L2561   Address removed at request of owner . .
High Spirits Burford Art Gallery & B&B? L2278  

The Burford Gallery Classica House
69 High St
OX18 4QA

N51.8083 W1.6365 419753
Ice To Meet You Wroxton Private dwelling L2445  

Tiggy Winkle Cottage

6 Church Street

 OX15 6QE

By Churchyard in Wroxton. Back of cottage faces the street. Best view is from the churchyard.

N52.0730 W1.3927 244741
Jack's Comer . Long Wittenham Private dwelling L2426   18/18a High Street N51.6400 W1.2137 248700
Laces Shoe Shop Burford Estate Agents L2595  

Jackson-Stops & Staff

Old George

112 High Street

OX18 4QJ
N51.8077 W1.6368 .
Lazy Days Oxfordshire not Hants

Letcombe Regis

Private Dwelling 797   Orchard Cottage

South Street/ Post Office Lane

N51.5746 W1.4514 250256
Little Garden party Sparsholt Private Dwelling L2570  

The Shepherds Cottage

2, Watery Lane

OX12 9PP

N51.5893 W1.4990 250776
Lucky In Love Thame Private Dwelling   Jan 15

The Old House
14 Upper High Street

N51.7464 W0.9755 248590


 Maharajah's Christmas Stoke Row Private Dwelling   Sept 11

Keepers Cottage

2 Well View


N51.5515 W1.0213 247857


Maharajahs Well Cottage Jan 11
Mapledurham Water Mill Mapledurham Open to public   Sept 13 The Mill
The Street
N51.4858 W1.0374 247416 BLB
Mapledurham Yew Tree Cottage Chazey Heath Private dwelling   Sept 13 Yew Tree Cottage
A4074 [west side]
G4 7UF
N51.4907 W1.0016 247393


Merry Christmas Great Tew Falkland Arms Pub . . Falkland Arms pub in Old Road N51.960  


Mumís Retreat Drayton St Leonard Private Dwelling   Jan 16

Garden Cottage,
Water Lane

OX10 7BE

N51.6622 W1.1332 248830  BLB
Nineteenth Hole, The Clifton Hamden Pub and B&B L2409   The Plough pub at the north of the junction of A415 and B4016 N51.857 W1.210 248788
O' Christmas Tree North Stoke Village Hall    

Village Hall,
The Street
OX10 6BL

N51.5723 W1.1216 N/L
Olde Cob Cottage Moreton, Nr Thame Private Dwelling    

Staddles Cottage

51.7306 W1.0051 248551
The Old Dog & Bone Brightwell-cum-Sotwell . L2608  

Moat Cottage,
The Street  
(opposite Red Lion)
OX10 0RP

N51.6124 W1.1605 249179
The Old Dog & Bone Winter
Old Vicarage At Christmas, The . Chatsworth, Derbyshire

Not Oxfordshire

Open All Hours Great Tew Post Office & Village Stores L2380   Village Stores

Old Road

N51.9608 W1.4251 .
Perfect Mum Weston Turville Private dwelling L3007 Jan 07



HP22 5RR

N51.7893 W0.7644 42901
The Radcliffe Camera  Oxford Not open to public   Jan 08

The Radcliffe Camera

Radcliffe Square


N51.7535 W1.2539 245749
Reading Cottage (PYO) Chazey Heath Private dwelling    

Yew Tree Cottage A4074 [west side]


N51.4907 W1.0016 247393


Robin Cottage . . . .   . . .
Rowan Lodge . . . .   . . .
Santa's Little Helper Great Tew Private Residence L2352   31 The Avenue N51.960  


Sleigh Bells Clifton Hamden Private Dwellling(s) L2685   One of Bridge End cottages just north of the Thames bridge N51.655 W1.212 248795
Sulgrave Manor   Sulgrave Northants not Oxfordshire . .   . . .
Summer Haze Harwell Very Private dwelling . . Address removed at request of owner . .
Tanglewood Lodge . Crowmarsh Gifford Private dwelling .   The Lodge,
Old Reading Road
OX10 8BW


Topsy Turvey Teas Burford Tea & Cake Shop L2462   Huffkins Tea Shop
98 High Street
N51.8078 W1.6368 420375
Toy Shop, The Moreton in the Marsh/ Broadway . 690   . . .
Vicarage, The Littleworth Private Dwelling 677   Between church and Marqueith N51.6719 W1.5492 .
Waters Edge Letcombe Bassett Private Dwelling L2173  
Arabella's Cottage


OX12 9LR



White Hart, The . Minster Lovell Pub L2382  

The Mill & Old Swan
Old Minster Lovell
OX29 0RW

N51.7996 W1.5392 253661
Winter Wonderland Clifton Hampden Various private dwellings and Church   Jun 09 On or around High Street

Church of St Michael & all the Angels.

N51.655 W1.210 248803
Woodmans Retreat Shrivenham Private Dwelling .  

Swiss Cottage

Northford Close


N51.6043 W1.6474 250587

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