LL Burford High St West


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The West side of Burford High Street has one of the highest density of Lilliput Lane Originals with 5 models on one stretch of a hundred yards or so
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China Shop, The Burford Gift & Sweet Shop 740   Christmas Court

94 High Street  OX18 4QJ

N51.8078 W1.6368 420372
Cut Above, A Burford Gift Shop inc Weddings L2594   "Bizzieblue"

92 High Street

OX18 4QF

N51.8078 W1.6368 420370
Daisy Chain Florist Burford Antiques shop L2833   "Antiques at the George"

The Old George Inn

104 High Street

N51.8078 W1.6368 420658
Laces Shoe Shop Burford Estate Agents L2595  

Jackson-Stops & Staff

Old George

112 High Street

OX18 4QJ
N51.8077 W1.6368 .
Topsy Turvey Teas Burford Tea & Cake Shop L2462   Huffkins Tea Shop

98 High Street

N51.8078 W1.6368 420375
Photo: Claire Scott
Lilliput Lane's "Laces Shoe Shop" is based on Jackson-Stops & Staff (part of Old George Inn 104)
Photo: Claire Scott
Lilliput Lane's "Daisy Chain Florist " is based on The Old George Inn  #104 Now "Antiques at the George" Tel: 01993 823319
Photo: Claire Scott
Behind the door is a passageway with outdoor seating where we had a pleasant cup of tea there.... .........from which we noticed very interesting construction on teh building next door
Lilliput Lane's "Topsy Turvey Teas" is based on Huffkins Tea Room   #98.
Photo: Claire Scott
Lilliput Lane's "The China Shop" is based on Christmas Court   #94
Photo: Claire Scott
Lilliput Lane's "The Cut Above" is based on "Bizzieblue"   #92. Note it used to be Sue Ryder charity shop --now next door

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