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Return to LL Oxon Name Original Town Visit LL Ref. Dates Actual Location Grid Ref. IoE
Barley Mow Inn . Clifton Hampden Pub L2915   West just as the road turns sharply south of the Thames Bridge .N51.6537 W1.2089 248680
Nineteenth Hole, The Clifton Hamden Pub and B&B L2409   The Plough pub at the north of the junction of A415 and B4016 N51.857 W1.210 248788
Sleigh Bells Clifton Hamden Private Dwellling(s) L2685   One of Bridge End cottages just north of the Thames bridge N51.655 W1.212 248795
Winter Wonderland Clifton Hampden Various private dwellings and Church   Jun 09 On or around High Street

Church of St Michael & all the Angels.

N51.655 W1.210 248803

As you drive south from the junction of the A415 and B4015 in Clifton Hampden to Long Wittenham you pass 4 Lilliput Lane Originals:

  • "Nineteenth Hole" is "The Plough" pub at the north of the junction

  • "Sleigh Bells" is a large cottage on the right (west) just before the bridge over the Thames

  • "Barley Mow Inn" is a pub of that name on the right (west) just as the road turns sharp left after the Thames Bridge

  • "Jacks Corner" is 18 High Street in Long Wittenham which, at that point, is a cul de sac as the road swings left (east) towards Didcot

More photos and information about Clifton Campden

Lilliput Lane's "Nineteenth Hole" is based on the The Plough pub. [IoE 248788]. We had an after lunch coffee there on May 3, 2006.
Location info and earlier photo by Carol Applegate    Frith 1960
Lilliput Lane's "Sleigh Bells" is based on this cottage at Bridge End just north of the Thames bridge. [IoE 248795]
Location info and earlier photo by Carol Applegate
Lilliput Lane's "Barley Mow Inn" is based on the pub of the same name just south of the Thames bridge. [IoE 248680]
The pub has a claim to fame as it is mentioned by Jerome K Jerome in Chapter 18 of his book "Three Men in a Boat"

 "It is without exception the quaintest most old-fashioned inn up the river."  

This "Chef & Brewer" pub/restaurant was in the Lucky Dip section of the "Good Pub Guide 2006" but seems to have dropped off since.


Tel: 01865 407847

We had lunch there on May 3, 2006

Frith 1890


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