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Little Missenden

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Picture of LL Model Name Original Town Visit LL Ref. Date Actual Location Grid Reference IoE
Bakers Dozen Turville Private Dwelling L2451 Jun 01

Mar 03

White Cottage between pub and church on corner of School lane. RG9 6QU N51.6140 W0.8929 46837
Barn Find Weston Turville Private Dwelling L3744 Jan 15

26 School Lane

HP22 5SG

. 42911


The Bell Inn Chearsley


  Jun 10

The Bell Inn

The Green

N51.7893 W0.9612 42972


Blaylock's Retreat

(CYO 2011)

Stone Private Dwelling     "The Little House",
18 Oxford Road,
 HP17 8PB
N51.8043 W0.8589 42750  BLB
Chalfont St Giles Chalfont St Giles Private Dwelling L2203    Stonewells Cottage Corner of Dean Way and Crossleys Hill, south end of High Street N51.6307 W0.5713 44386

Chiltern Mill

Not Bedfordshire

Brill in Bucks


. Jul 89

Mar 95

Nixey's Mill


N51.8227 W1.0553



Christmas at The Bell Inn Chearsley Pub   Jun 10 The Bell Inn

The Green

N51.7893 W0.9612 42972


Christmas Cheer

Ickford Pub L2986 Jan 99

Dec 99



36 Worminghall Road

N51.7632 W1.0604 43260
Christmas Stores Botolph Claydon Private Dwelling     23 Botyl Road

MK18 2LP

N51.9179 W0.9336 396501
Chill Out Turville Private Dwelling L2369 Jun 00 Wisteria Cottage on Holloway Lane to north of churchyard W51.6143 W0.8935 n/l
Sep 02
Country Post  Lower Weald, Calverton Private Dwelling L3009 Jan 07

27 Lower Weald

MK19 6EQ

N52.0420 W0.8504.


Cornflower Cottage  Cuddington  Private Dwelling  . Aug 96


at corner of Frog Lane 

& Spicketts Lane

N51.7961 W0.9288 43017
Sep 96
Crackling Christmas Hambleden Private Dwellings L3810 Jun 16

"Wheelers Butchery and


.N51.5725 W0.8693 46738


Crendon Manor Long Crendon Private Dwelling  . Nov 86

Feb 89


66 Bicester Road [north east side ]

 HP18 9EF

N51.7772 W1.0051 397787
Dawn Chorus Turville Private Dwelling L3421  Jan 12

"Sleepy Cottage"
1 School Lane


N51.6136 W0.8932
46813 BLB
Dolly Peg Soulbury  Private Dwelling L2498 Jan 02 39 The Green  N51.939 W0.7177 .
Mar 04
First Class Winslow Private Dwelling L2450 Jun 01   Lace Cottage,
17 Horn Street
MK18 3AP
N51.941 W0.884 403346


Sep 03
From This Day Forward Hambleden Church Services L3819 Jun 16

Church Of St Mary

 RG9 6RT

N51.5729 W0.8701 46745


Frosty Fun Great Horwood .Private Dwelling . . Field Cottage, Nash Road, (on B4033) of A421 N51.9788 W0.8756 .
Granny's Bonnet . .  . L2080 Jan 97  . . .
Mar 01
The Hermitage . .Dorney .Private Dwelling possibly to let . .Jan 10 :

The Hermitage At Dorney Court

Court Lane     SL4 6QP

N51.5039 W0.6671 44021
Hickory Dickory Dock Long Crendon  . L2525 Jun 02

Mar 04

The Golden Cross

15 High Street (West Side)

N51.7734 W0.9924 398155
Hollyhocks Princes RIisborough Private Dwelling   Jun 07 Penn Cottage,

1 Askett Lane

N51.7390 W0.8196 46409
I-Cycle Swanbourne  . L2368 Jun 00

Sep 02


N51.9404   W0.8385 400341


King's Arms, The Amersham Hotel .   The Kings Arms Hotel
Old Amersham,
. 414217  BLB
Leagrave Cottage  Chalfont St Giles  Part of museum

(View from outside only)

 729 Sep 94 

Sep 95

In Chiltern Open Air Museum (entrance in Gorelands Lane) N51.633 W0.5467 .
. Little Birch (PYO)  



.Private Dwelling . .


15 LITTLE ICKFORD (east side)

HP18 9HS.

N51.7582 W1.0555 .43248
Little Gem Dinton

(not Weslington)

Private Dwelling L2435 Jan 01

Westlington Lodge 

Oxford Road 

HP17 8TX

N51.7898 W0.9039  43081
Sep 02
Lullaby Cottage Padbury   Private Dwelling L2690 Jan 04  Box Tree Cottage

Main Street

N51.9670 W0.9606 407368


Maidenhead Pavillion Chalfont St Giles Part of museum



    In Chiltern Open Air Museum (entrance in Gorelands Lane) N51.633 W 0.5467  
Make Light of the Snow North Marston

(Not Beds)

Private Dwelling   Jun 08 Wheatsheaf Farm,

2 High Street

N51.8987 W0.8768 398091
Mum's Make Memories Haddenham Private Dwelling


Jan 12


16 Rosemary Lane

HP17 8JS

N51.7788 W0.9258 43206   BLB
Marsworth Cattle Shelter, Stable & Cart Shed Chalfont St Giles Part of museum

(Poss go in barn)


    In Chiltern Open Air Museum (entrance in Gorelands Lane) N51.633 W0.5467    
Mother's World Grendon Underwood,   L3177 Jan 08

Grendon Cottage

High Street

HP18 0SP

New Arrival, Boy Long Crendon  Private Dwelling


L2529 Jan 02

82 & 84 High Street (East Side)

almost opp 8 Bells pub

N51.7748 W0.9914 398502
Sep 03
New Arrival, Girl L2507 Jan 02
Sep 03
Pretty As A Picture Mentmore Private Dwelling L2592 Jan 03

Gatehouse at Mentmore Towers Cheddington Lodge

N51.8606 W0.6814


Rising Sun Ickford Pub . Sep 88

Jun 92



36 Worminghall Road (east side)
HP18 9JD

N51.7632 W1.0604 43260

Schools Out for Christmas

Shalstone Very Private Dwelling L3404 Jan 12

The Old School House
Main Street,

MK18 5LT 

N52.0235 W1.0662 396246


Snowed In Adstock Private Dwelling L2635 Jun 03

Sep 04

 On main Street at junction with East Street.

Next "Old Thatched Inn & Restaurant"

N51.965 W0.9302  
Sugar & Spice (PYO) Amersham Private Dwelling     Frith House,  24 High Street

 HP7 0DJ

51.6659 W0.6176 413952
Sugar Loaf  Weston Turville Private Dwelling. . Jan 08 13 West End

HP22 5TT

N51.7901 W0.7654 42919
Summer Days Cuddington Private Dwelling   Jan 97

Dec 97


Frog Lane (south side)

N51.7963 W0.9301

Temple of the Four Winds West Wycombe   Jun 09

Temple Of The Four Winds
West Wycombe Park

HP14 3AJ

N51.6402 W0.7993 ..46159


Toffee Apple Stoke Mandeville .Private Dwelling L2906 Sep 05 St Mary's Cottage

Yew Tree Close

N51.7850 W0.7909 42713
Toy Town Burnham Bakery   Jun 07

Village Bakery

38-44 High Street


N51.5339 W6584 43858


W I Bring & Buy Long Crendon Possibly a bookshop L3016 Jan 07
34 High  Street
(south east side)
HP18 9AF
N51.7723 W0.9930 398490
Wedded Bliss

Little Missenden

(open at times)
L3445 Jun 12

Parish Church Of St John The Baptist 
Beamond End Lane, 

N51.682 W0.6694 44446


Welcome Home (PYO) Padbury   Private Dwelling LL3488 Jan 04  Box Tree Cottage

Main Street

N51.9670 W0.9606 407368


Wycombe Toll House  Chalfont St Giles Part of museum(Can go inside)  . Sep 94

Sep 94

In Chiltern Open Air Museum (entrance in Gorelands Lane) N51.633 W0.5467 .
Ye Old Jug Hardwick Pub    

Ye Old Jug

Lower Road

just off A413

N51.8660 W0.8319 42164
Yuletide Feast Winslow .Private Dwelling   Jun 10 The Bakery,  

8 Horn Street  MK18 3AL

N51.9411 W0.8825 403239


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