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Picture of LL Model Name Original Town Visit LL Ref. Date Actual Location Grid Reference IoE
Pretty As A Picture Mentmore Private Dwelling L2592 Jan 03 Gatehouse at Mentmore Towers Cheddington Lodge
N51.8606 W0.6814  42109  
Photo: Jan Tarrant
Lilliput Lane's "Pretty As A Picture" is based on Gatehouse at Mentmore Towers Cheddington Lodge, LU7 0QN  [IoE 42109 ]

It's always good to hear about people who have lived in the Lilliput Lane Originals.

Mrs Irene Fountain kindly provides several photos for this page, including these old photos of Cheddington Lodge and writes:

"Cheddington Lodge, which was once called Park Lodge as this was where my mother lived as a child from 1924-1933 the family name was Millins and this was also the home where her father, Dennis, grew up in."


Irene Fountain also provides the photos to the right and below.

To the right is her great grandmother with her 3 son's who lived in the cottage this was taken in the first world war :

  • her grand father Dennis Millins is on the right,

  • his elder brother John in the center and

  • his youngest brother Frederick on the left, sadly Frederick was killed at Flanders and he is on both Mentmore and Cheddington war memorial, he also received the military medal.

Her great grandmother Dinah Millins with her second husband John Cooper outside Park Lodge (now Cheddington Lodge.) Her mother when she was about 2 or 3
Photo: Irene Fountain Mentmore Towers   [IoE 42105 ]    As film location
Photo: Irene Fountain A house opposite the Church
Church of St Mary  [IoE 42101Photo: Irene Fountain Photo: Irene Fountain

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