Long Crendon


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Picture of LL Model Name Original Town Visit LL Ref. Date Actual Location Grid Reference IoE
Crendon Manor Long Crendon  .  . Nov 86 THE MOUND 

66 Bicester Road [north east side ]

 HP18 9EF

N51.7772 W1.0051 397787
Feb 89
Hickory Dickory Dock Long Crendon  . L2525 Jun 02

Mar 04

The Golden Cross

15 High Street (West Side)

N51.7734 W0.9924 398155
New Arrival, Boy Long Crendon  Private Dwelling

L2529 Jan 02 82 & 84 High Street (East Side)

almost opp 8 Bells pub

N51.7748 W0.9914 398502
Sep 03
New Arrival, Girl L2507 Jan 02
Sep 03
W I Bring & Buy Long Crendon Possibly a bookshop L3016 Jan 07
34 High  Street
(south east side)
HP18 9AF
N51.7723 W0.9930 398490
Photo: Jan Tarrant
Lilliput Lane's "Crendon Manor" is based on THE MOUND, 66 Bicester Road [north east side], HP18 9EF  [IoE 397787] {Jan Tarrant info}
Photo: Mike Tarrant
Lilliput Lane's "Hickory Dickory Dock" is based on The Golden Cross, 15 High Street (West Side) [IoE 398155]
New Arrival, Boy New Arrival, Girl
Photo: Mike Tarrant


Lilliput Lane's "New Arrival, Girl" & "New Arrival, Girl" are based on 82 & 84 High Street (East Side almost opp 8 Bells pub   [IoE 398502]       
Photo: Mike Tarrant
Lilliput Lane's "W I Bring & Buy" is based on   34 High  Street (south east side), HP18 9AF [IoE 398490]
High Street Abel's Cottage, 43 High Street  [IoE 398361]

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