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Picture of LL Model Name Original Town Visit LL Ref. Date Actual Location Grid Reference IoE
Bakers Dozen Turville Private Dwelling L2451 Jun 01

Mar 03

White Cottage between pub and church on corner of School lane N51.6140 W0.8929 46837
Chill Out Turville Private Dwelling L2369 Jun 00

Sep 02

Wisteria Cottage on Holloway Lane to north of churchyard W51.6143 W0.8935 n/l
Dawn Chorus Turville Private Dwelling L3421  Jan 12 "Sleepy Cottage"
1 School Lane


N51.6136 W0.8932
46813 BLB
Turville nestles in a valley -- and is used as "Dibley" in the BBC TV series "Vicar of Dibley" {VoD}    More photos  

It was also used as the village of Bletcham in the thriller "Killing Eve"

Fire Oct 2007:   Bucks Fire Brigade      Bucks Free Press     Local London         

Lilliput Lane's "Chill Out" is based on Wisteria Cottage opposite the church.

"In Killing Eve" it was the cottage lived in by "Frank Haleton"

Location info & Photo: Jan Tarrant

Screen shots from "Killing Eve"
Lilliput Lane's "Baker's Dozen" is based on White Cottage between the pub and the church    [IoE 46837]

Location info & Photo: Jan Tarrant


Lilliput Lane's "Dawn Chorus"  is based on "Sleepy Cottage"1 School Lane, RG9 6QX [IoE 46813 BLB]

Photo: Claire Scott

  Above you can see the end of "Dawn Chorus" and the house use as the vicarage in the "Vicar of Dibley"

Photo above shows the proximity of The "Dawn Chorus" to "Chill Out" In ... on the corner next to the "vicarage" and en route to the Parish Hall Photo: Hilary Armstrong
Rest of Village
View of the village from Ibstone The centre: "Baker's Dozen" is to the left and "Chill Out" to the right
Church of "St Mary the Virgin" is St Barnabas in VoD (our web page) "Old Beams" is used as the vicarage in VoD
The village pub is "The Bull & Butcher"
  Village Hall, venue of the Parish Council meetings
On the hill is Ibstone Windmill : in the film "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"

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