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Pictures of original building Name Original Town Visit ? LL Ref. Dates Actual Location Grid Reference IoE
Round Tower - Windsor Castle Windsor  Within Royal Palace open to public (tower itself is not) L2573 Jun 02

Sep 03

On hill in centre of town, bordered by Thames Street, High street, Castle Street N51.482 W0.607


L2212 Jun 98
Jubilee at  Windsor Round Tower L2212a Jun 11
Jubilee Mini Windsor Round Tower L2573A Apr 12 Dec 12
Lilliput Lane's "Round Tower" models are based on the tower of Windsor Castle.....one of the Royal Residences. I visited on March 23 2004, December 16, 2004 and again with Judy's family on June 26, 2006.

New for 2011 : It is now possible to climb to the top pf the Round Tower "Conquer the Tower"

These photos follow the tour round the Castle   History      Aerial Photo       Map
No inside photos are allowed but see: Waterloo Chamber   Pictures from The Royal Collection Queen Mary's Dolls House (Story     History  Pics)
Photo Credits:    CB = Chuck Bur, June 26, 2006;      KS = Kathy Sprys, June 26, 2006           JB = Joanne Bur, June 26, 2006
On June 26, 2006 we arrived in time to see the Changing of the Guard at 11am but it was cancelled due to damp weather [CB]
Judy listening to the audio tour [CB] St George features in many places   [KS]
In the 1170s Henry II rebuilt - in stone instead of wood - the Round Tower The Queen was in residence during our visit
Edward IV Tower with moat planted   [CB]  North Terrace leads to State Apartments [KS]
The view across to Eton College....famous for its school including the chapel which is the twin of Kings College Chapel in Cambridge
[CB] [KS]
[CB] [KS]
Joanne and the Norman Gate  [CB] Looking down "Lower Ward"
St Georges Chapel    History  Tour   Worship Looking up "Lower Ward"   [JB]
The Horseshoe Cloisters are the houses of the Military Knights of Windsor, who belong to The Most Noble Order of the Garter. The Horseshoe Cloisters (named after their shape) were built between 1479 and 1481 in the half-timbered style.
[KS]      Not Quite the "Changing of the Guard" but.......
The stable block now an education centre View of the Private Appartments



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