Kings College



Kings College, Cambridge
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July 25, 2002

Aug 8, 2004

Aug 16, 2012

November 13, 2017
Aclassic view of King's College with the famous chapel, venue of the annual "9 Lessons & Carols" on Christmas Eve which we attended in 2004 after queuing round the quadrangle below for 5 hours . You can visit or click for interior panorama
Kings Parade

Across the rooftops

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You queue round here for the Christmas Eve service Photo: Kathy Sprys June 27, 2006
Approaching the Tour Entrance     Photo: Chuck Bur, June 27, 2006 Photo: Chuck Bur, June 27, 2006
Photo: Charlie Basile On Tour de France Day July 7, 2014
On August 9, 2019 I went to see "As You Like It" in Kings College Gardens
As You Like It blank

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