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Lilliput Lane Models in Northamptonshire

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Picture of LL Model Name Original Town Visit LL Ref. Dates Actual Location Grid Ref. IoE
Anyone for tennis from side.jpg (5715 bytes) Anyone For Tennis 4x3 Anyone for tennis orig.jpg (64621 bytes) Barnston On Private Land L2316 Jun 00 Mar 02 Private Estate at Lilford Park N52.4378 W0.4834 .
Armada House Weston Private Dwelling 516 Feb 91 Sep 97

Armada House

 High Street, [east end, south side]

NN12 8PU

N52.1168 W1.1369 234253
Catmint (PYO) . Apethorpe Private Dwelling .   Composite of  Wood Cottage and cottage next door off Kings Cliffe Road N52.5493 W0.4930


., Christmas Greetings Weekley Post Office & Tea Room L3324 Jun 2010 The Post Office and "Jessica's" Tea Shop Stamford Road

  NN16 9UP

N52.4175, W0.6971 231200


Cobblers Cottage . Bozeat? Private Dwelling .   Homestead Farm

1 Church Lane

NN29 7LJ

N52.2219 W0.6736 233279
Donkey Stable . Chipping Warden Private Dwelling . 1/08

"Granary & Cowshed"

Mill Lane

OX17 1JX

N52.1333 W1.2717  234374
Ladybird Cottage Warkton . 791  

"on the right when you have entered the village from the A4300 and before the road turns right on itself" 

NN16 9XJ

N52.4160 W0.6922 231167


Larkrise Weekley Very Private Dwelling 613  

No 21

NN16 9UP

N52.4167 W0.6935 231193
Little Hay Newnham Private Dwelling 795   On B4037 passing the church on your left N52.2323 W1.1511 .
Milestone Cottage Harlestone Private Dwelling 792  
The Old Bakehouse, in Harlestone Road (A428). Last House on West Side at North end of village. Just SE of Church Lane
N52.2759 W0.9697 360168
Nightingale 4x3 nightingale with judy.jpg (11995 bytes) Pilton

(Not Duddington)

Private Dwelling L2130 Jan 99 Mar 02 Forest Thatch
(near triangular green where Pilton Road runs off the road near "Anyone for Tennis")
N52.4472 W0.4969 232828


Number Three Nobottle Private Dwelling   June 2007 On road between  Little Brington and Northampton N52.259 W01.006 not listed
Pastures New 4x3 pastures new orig.jpg (13210 bytes) Duddington Private Dwelling     Down Todd's Hill off the High Street N52.596 W0.5416  
Plot Room, The . Ashby St Ledgers Private Dwelling    

Gatehouse to the Manor of Ashby St Ledgers

Main Street [next to church]CV23 8UN

N52.3090 W1.611 360906


Ploughman's Cottage Nobottle Private Dwelling .   On road between  Little Brington and Northampton N52.259 W01.006


Porters Lodge Corby     Sept 16 Gatehouse to
Deene Park
off A43 junction with Benefield Road

NN17 3EW
. Post Box Corner Weekley Post Office & Tea Room L3324 Jun 2010 The Post Office and "Jessica's" Tea Shop Stamford Road

  NN16 9UP

N52.4175, W0.6971 231200


Rosemary Cottage Newnham Private Dwelling 007  

The Cottage,

Church Hill

[opposite Little Hay]

N52.2323 W1.1513 360789
Sulgrave Manor . Sulgrave Open to public . . The Manor House,

Manor Road OX17 2SD.

N52.1061 W1.1835 .234213
Summerhouse Corby     Sept 16 Summerhouse at
Deene Park
NN17 3EW


Tollemache Arms Harrington Public House   Jan 09

The Tollemache Arms
49 High Street

N52.4159 W0.8606  
Triangular Lodge Rushton Open to public   Jun 08

Triangular Lodge

 at Rushton Hall

NN14 1RG

N52.4393  W0.7798 231150


Tuppenny Bun Brigstock Private Dwelling L2131   12 Hall Hill opposite village sign N52.456 W0.608 232783

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