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This Page shows pictures of Cross Stitch of Lilliput Lane Cottages
These were sold between 1993 and 2001

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Model Picture Cross Stitch Picture

Picture of "Original" Building

203  Around Britain      
10  Blue Boar      
12  Bookshop, The       
205  British Heritage Sampler      
209  Burley Street Garage    
201  Buttermilk Farm      
   Cornish Cottage      
11  Cradle Cottage      
303 Crathie Church      
211  Flower Barrow, The       
14  Flower Pots Cottage      
5  Gertrude's Garden      
206  Ginger & Pickles Shop      
308  Golden Years      
311  Grandma & Grandpa's      
13  Haberdashery, The       
212  Hanging Basket, The       
306 Harebell Cottage      
204  Hill Top (Beatrix Potter)      
210  Home is Where Heart is      
9  Honeypot Cottage      
314  Ice'n' Easy      
18  Just Married      
6  Kendal Tea House      
305   Little Water Mill  
15  Little White Cottage      
310  Lucky Charms      
17  Lullaby Cottage  


8  Marigold Meadow      
307  Mosswood      
1  Penny's Post      
200  Periwinkle Cottage Periwinkle Cottage.jpg (9455 bytes)     
304  Poppies, The       
3  Porlock Down      
7  Railway Cottage      
208  Right Note, The      
301  Round Tower Windsor Castle      
202  Sampler Village      
309  Say it With Flowers      
302  Shakespeare's Birthplace      
313  Shambles The       
   Snowdrop Cottage      
312  Snowed In      
16  Stitch in Time, A      
19  Swan Green          
300  Tower of London      
2  Toy Shop,  The       
4  Waterside Mill      
  Woodman's Retreat

Photo: Jan Tarrant





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