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Actual Location

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Bark! The Herald Angels Sing Old Warden Hire from Landmark Trust L3286 Jun 10

Keepers Lodge, Shuttleworth Estate

Approximately 500 Metres north of road between Old Warden and Southill

N52.0795 W0.3313 414260


Old Warden Village Hall    

Village Hall
High Street

SG18 9HQ

N52.0826 W0.3405 414649


Chiltern Mill

  Not Bedfordshire

Brill in Bucks

. .   . . .
Come Rain Or Shine Ickwell Green Private Dwelling L2509 Jan 02 North end of village green N52.098 W0.323 Not listed
Sep 03
Crowning Glory Milton Bryant Private Dwellings L2835 Jan 05 Opposite the Red Lion N51.961 W0.584 38166
Gables, The Bedford Private Dwelling . Feb 87 122 Bromham Road N52.1395 W0.4788 Not listed
Dec 82
Halcyon Days   Not Stagsden, Beds

Hemingford Abbots, Cambs

. . . . . .
Hanging Basket, The Flitton Private Dwelling L2644 Jun 03 9 Brick Lane opposite Church lane near the Church N52.011 W0.458 37991
Harebell Cottage Roxton . L2180 Jun 98/

Mar 91

Roxton House Lodge. On south side old A421. Mile west of A1 [Black Cat Roundabout] N52.1758 W0.3231 36524
Honeybees and Summer Breeze Old Walden Private Dwelling   Jan 08

Old Warden, Bedfordshire


SG18 9HE 

N52.0853 W0.3409 414284
Hopcroft Cottage Old Walden Private Dwelling 610 Jul 91/

Sep 95

19 High Street N52.081 W0.342 414656
Huntingdon House Plaque
John Barleycorn Cottage Old Walden Private Dwelling 606 Jul 91 41 High Street N52.080 W0.343 414667
Mar 95
Kissing Gate Bromham Private Dwelling L3012 Jan 07

West Lodge,

6 Village Road

N52.1490 W0.5270


Lion House, The Wrest Park/ Silsoe On grounds open to public. Opening Times L2187 Jun 98

Sep 00

Archer Pavillion

Wrest Park

MK45 4HR

N52.0004 W0.4109 37756


Moonlight Cottage Wilstead Private Dwelling


Jan 13

Winters Moon,

7 Church Road

MK45 3HE

N52.0804  W0.4499 36772 


Old Court House, The Harrold Private dwelling + L2515 Jan 02

Sep 03

The Old Court House and lock up on The Green N52.2008 W0.6096 36938



Parsley Cottage Bletsoe Private Dwelling L3406 Jan 12 Pixie Cottage,

9 Memorial Lane

MK44 1QJ

N52.2120  W0.5057 36825


Sweet William Stagsden Private Dwelling L2046 Jan 97 

Mar 98

Joel Cottage, High Street N52.1295 W0.5679 37251
Swiss Cottage Old Warden Private Dwelling   Jun 07 Swiss Cottage

11 High Street

N52.0831 W0.3391 414671
Tanners Cottage . Bedford (nr) . . Jul 87 . . .
Sep 92
Thornery, The Woburn Can only be seen from a distance in fenced off Deer Park . Jun 98 Woburn Deer Park N52.000  W0.595 38291
Jun 98
Welcome Gnome Northill Private Dwelling L2633 Jun 03 4 Ickwell Rd [by village pond] N52.1045 W0.3231  413776
Sep 94
White Swan, The Radwell Pub & Restaurant L2693 Jan 04 Swan Inn, Felmersham Road

MK43 7HS

N52.2065 W0.5316 36904


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