Radwell is a village to the North West of Bedfordshire. We are told the locals pronounce it Rad'ell.
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Picture of LL Model

Name Original Town Visit? LL Ref. Date

Actual Location

Grid Reference

White Swan, The Radwell Former Pub & Restaurant L2693 Jan 04 Swan Inn, Felmersham Road

MK43 7HS

N52.2065 W0.5316 36904


Lilliput Lane's Model "The White Swan" is based on the Swan Inn, Felmersham Road MK43 7HS [IoE 36904] Map

Judy & I visited The Swan on May 25, 2005 to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We enjoyed the food which was excellent and talked with landlady, Louise McGregor, about the Lilliput Lane model.  We actually got the model 2 days after our visit...hence no pictures of model with original! The pub closed in Sept 2008. It was only after we got home that we realized the connection with a famous American musician.   [architectural detail]

Photo: Edward Gill (1952)

In February 2012 I received the photo on the left and the following information from Mr Edward Gill who has kindly given his permission to use them:

"I came across your website by accident. I was looking for a photo of The Swan at Radwell where I used to drink 60 years ago. I was a groom at the Oakley Hunt Kennels in Milton Ernest.

With a couple of friends we had the most wonderful Saturday evenings there always ending with a riotous sing song with the Landlord playing the piano.

You mention an American musician; it was Glen Miller who was stationed at RAF Milton Ernest whence he flew his final mission. [JRS: More Info]

The Foxhounds are from the Oakley Hunt that were kennelled at Milton Ernest.

The riders are - left to right:

  •   John Moffatt 2nd Whip,
  •   Stanley Hardiman, Huntsman and
  •   Jim Chapman 1st Whip.

Just visible in the doorway are Group Capt Cooper RAF Rtd (Landlord) and his wife Mrs.Cooper known to the customers as ‘Coopey’ serving drinks to the riders.

Happy days – and nights! Sadly, ‘The Swan’ is no longer the village pub, having been closed some years ago A very sad end."



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