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Name   Town Visit? LL Ref. Date

Actual Location

Grid Reference

Bark! The Herald Angels Sing Old Warden Hire from Landmark Trust L3286 Jun 10

Keepers Cottage, Shuttleworth Estate

Approximately 500 Metres north of road between Old Warden and Southill

N52.0795 W0.3313 414260


Old Warden Village Hall   Jan 15 Village Hall
High Street

SG18 9HQ
N52.0826, W0.3405 414649
Honeybees and Summer Breeze Old Walden Private Dwelling   Jan 08 9 Church End

SG18 9HE 

N52.0853 W0.3409 414284
Hopcroft Cottage Old Walden Private Dwelling 610 Jul 91

/Sep 95

19 High Street N52.081 W0.342 414656
Huntingdon House Plaque
John Barleycorn Cottage Old Walden Private Dwelling 606 Jul 91/

Mar 95

41 High Street N52.080 W0.343 414667
Swiss Cottage Old Warden Private Dwelling   Jun 07 Swiss Cottage

11 High Street

N52.0831 W0.3391 414671
Lilliput Lane's "Bark! The Herald Angels Sing" is based on Keepers Lodge  SG18 9EB  [414260  BLB]

Approximately 500 Metres north of road between Old Warden and Southill (See own page for details)

Lilliput Lane's "Centenary Celebrations" is based on Village Hall, High Street, Old Warden SG18 9HQ [414649   BLB]

This model was made to celebrate that 2015 was the 100th Anniversary of the Women's Institute 

Photo: Hilary Armstrong
Lilliput Lane's "Swiss Cottage" is based on SWISS COTTAGE 11 AND 12 HIGH STREET  [IoE 414671]  {Jan Tarrant info}
Photos: Jan & Mike Tarrant
Lilliput Lane's "John Barleycorn" is based on 41 High Street  [IoE 414667]
Lilliput Lane's "Hopcroft Cottage" & "Huntingdon House (Plaque)" are based on 19 High Street  [IoE 414656]
Photo: Jan Tarrant .......it's now well hidden..............................
Lilliput Lane's "Honeybees and Summer Breeze" is based on 9 Church End [IoE 414284]
Photo: Jan & Mike Tarrant
Map needs updating........................

    IoE 414277        The village is full of other picturesque cottages      

...and this thatched building housing the village pump IoE 414283

Another village pump [IoE 414644]

Hare & Hounds pub opposite "Centenary Celebrations"

The village sign

Main Lodge [IoE 414669] to Old Warden Park

The front depicts buildings from the village

The rear depicts the flying at Shuttleworth


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