Keepers Cottage


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Bark! The Herald Angels Sing Old Warden Hire from Landmark Trust L3286 Jun 10

Keepers Cottage, Shuttleworth Estate

Approximately 500 Metres north of road between Old Warden and Southill

N52.0795 W0.3313 414260


Lilliput Lane's "Bark! The Herald Angels Sing" is based on Keepers Cottage  SG18 9EB  [414260  BLB]

Approximately 500 Metres north of road between Old Warden and Southill (See below for details)

Please note this is a cottage let by Landmark Trust and the privacy of residents must be respected.

Also it ois only possible to access the cottage from April 1 to October 31 each year (as of August 2016)


Here's how to find it (allow 30 to 40 mins):

From Old Warden Village go to south end of village and turn left (east) signposted to Southill

After about 1km you will see on the left some gates and a cottage (Squirrels)


I parked off road on left about 150m after the gates and walked back and accessed the path via a stile
Proceed north for approx 200m until the path goes off the right
There is an information board
Please note this is a "Permissive Path" allowed during the summer by the Shuttleworth Trust
If you are interested you can return to the notice board and continue north on the path till another path on right leads to Queen Anne's Summerhouse


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