Greenwich Obsrvatory

Up Entrance to Greenwich Observatory Meridian Great Equatorial Altazimuth Pavillion Flamsteed House Planetarium LL Greenwich Observatory Views from ROG Views of Greenwich Observatory Olympic Equestrian

Last updated 24/10/2017

Greenwich is most famous for being the point from which latitude is measured and Greenwich Mean Time (Coordinated Universal Time {UTC}) is measured.
Inside the Observatory are the original clocks developed by John Harrison and featured in the film "Longtitude" Royal Observatory Greenwich      Notes on Buildings 1900

Four Lilliput Lane models are based on buildings at the Royal Observatory

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My friend Mike Dryland has an excellent website of the observatory where he works regularly as a guide. Click on his pictures for more information about the areas shown.

Mike acted as our guide on:

 the Sprys/Bur vacation on June 28, 2006

the Nhagii (ex-Ford) trip on Sept 10, 2009


Great Equitorial Look To The Stars The Old Royal Observatory The Planetarium
28 Inch Telescope Dome Altazimuth Pavilion Flamsteed House The Planetarium

It's quite a climb to the Observatory

The Main Entrance People queue to be photographed straddling the Meridian
The main site is the original observatory in Flamsteed House

(which has the Dropping Ball and the Harrison Clocks)

The old "Great Equatorial" is now known as "28 Inch Telescope Dome"

"The Altazimuth Pavilion" The Old Planetarium houses the Astronomy Galleries
There are great views from the Observatory ........ ... and also towards it
The walk down                               Photo: Charlie Basile Jan 2005 Statue of General Wolfe given by Canada [IoE 200391]
  Greenwich Park was used for Equestrian events in the 2012 Olympics
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