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Greenwich is most famous for being the point from which latitude is measured and Greenwich Mean Time (now Universal C Time) is measured.
  It also has the Cutty Sark, The Millennium Dome, Royal Naval Hospital and Greenwich Park mdryland.jpg (4328 bytes) where the London Marathon starts
mdryland.jpg (4328 bytes) My friend Mike Dryland has an excellent website of places in the area. Click on his pictures for more information about the areas shown
Interactive Map

The Greenwich shoreline from the Naval Hospital to Cutty Sark and to the Observatory on the hill at the right

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One approach to Greenwich is from the Isle of Dogs which lies to the North of the Thames (= "Walford" in "East Enders"
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...and you emerge to see the Cutty Sark (last sailing Tea Clipper)  
  Creek Road Theatre on Marathon 2008
A walk up the hill to the Royal Observatory..........mdryland.jpg (4328 bytes) ......   where you can stand on the zero latitude line
...and see great views... ...before refreshments at The Cutty Sark Tavern
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& a walk  to the east takes you past the Royal Naval Hospital.......mdryland.jpg (4328 bytes) Queen Elizabeth's College (Almshouses), High St [IoE 200382] 1575 R 1819
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