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Greenwich is most famous for being the point from which latitude is measured and Greenwich Mean Time (Coordinated Universal Time {UTC}) is measured. This Meridian is one of an infinite number of lines from North to South Poles ... but this one is known as "0"

International Conference of the Hour

Take a virtual tour of the Meridian Line (360 panorama)

People queue to be photographed straddling the Meridian

Then we stand on the Meridian with one foot in the East and the other in the West              [Photo: Mike Dryland June 28, 2006]
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  Photo: Charlie Basile Jan 2005   Photo: Charlie Basile Jan 2005

I'd hoped that Britain would have celebrated the Millennium by marking the Meridian on every road crossing.

There are a few places where it is noted

Between Toft and Comberton in Cambs

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Waltham Abbey is 15miles North Bluebell Line, Sussex The "Millennium Dome" (now the "O2 Arena") was built with the Meridian on its centre line
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