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The Bottle Lodges Burghley Park Open to public Sep 11 The Bottle Lodges,
West Lodges

Burghley Park

N52.6453 W0.4753



Burghley Park Boathouse Burghley Park Open to public Sep 11 The Boathouse
About 500 Yards East South East of Burghley House

N52.6401 W0.4453



I_N_Monger_small.jpg (1900 bytes) I N Monger And Sons 4x3 i n mongers orig 1.jpg (16599 bytes) Stamford Bookshop L2334   Bookshop at 7 St Paul's St N52.5634 W0.4756  
We were originally unsuccessful at finding "I.N.Mongers" in Stamford in March 2001 as we only had the model to go on. Following useful information from Jan Tarrant and Clare Scott in New Zealand we returned on March 24, 2002 and realised that on our earlier trip we had actually been inside the original building which is now a bookshop.

John returned May 29, 2007

I_N_Monger.jpg (10160 bytes)

4x3 i n mongers orig 1.jpg (16599 bytes)

Lilliput Lane's "I N Mongers" is based on "St Paul's Street Bookshop".....

4x3 i n mongers orig 2.jpg (15131 bytes) 4x3 i n mongers orig 3.jpg (14477 bytes)

.....which is in a row of old buildings................

To George Stamford.jpg (12948 bytes)  

On our original trip consolation was having lunch at "The George" in  Stamford. Steeped in history, this smartly bustling old coaching inn has retained its character despite now having every modern comfort. It was built in 1597 for Lord Burghley, though there are surviving parts of a much older Norman pilgrims hospice - and a crypt under the cocktail bar that may be 1000 years old. If you are from Detroit, think the Whitney only really, really, really old. It was quite amazing.

The George is in the "Good Pub Guide 2008"    



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