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Pictures of LL Model Name Original Town Visit LL Ref. Dates Actual Location Grid Ref. IoE
The Bottle Lodges Burghley Park Open to public Sep 11 The Bottle Lodges,
West Lodges

Burghley Park

N52.6453 W0.4753



Burghley Park Boathouse Burghley Park Open to public Sep 11 The Boathouse
About 500 Yards East South East of Burghley House

N52.6401 W0.4453



Lilliput Lane's "The Bottle Lodges, Burghley Park" is based on The Bottle Lodges, West Lodges, Burghley Park, PE9 2LS [IoE 50317   BLB].
They can be seen from the road between the A1 and Stamford

Photo: Hilary Armstrong 

  • Lilliput Lane's "Burghley Park Boathouse" is based on The Boathouse (About 500 Yards East South East of Burghley House, Burghley Park , PE9 3JY
    50314    BLB]

The best way to see the boathouse is via the Sculpture Garden which go to the lake

  • A salutary lesson: I arrived on a day when the House was closed and an hour before the gardens opened.

  • I though I would try and get to the boathouse through the open parkland.

  • I proceeded along a path to the east of the gardens and walked quite a way uphill.

  • I was just about to turn towards the lake when I was challenged by a man in a pick up who asked if I had permission to be there.

  •  I explained what I was trying to do. He said I was in an area not open to the public.

  • I pointed out I had not passed any notices to that effect....but...on glancing at the rifle with telescopic sight on the seat of his vehicle.... decided an argument was oti an option.

  • He did tell me I could probably get to the boathouse from the gardens, which was confirmed by people in the cafe.


Photo: Ronald Kok
Photo: Photo: Hilary Armstrong
Burghley House
Gardens at Burghley House
Photos from 2011 LL Fair at Burghley House taken by Hilary Armstrong.


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