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Bend or Bump . Hawkshead

Open to Public

L2271   Tabitha Twitchit's Shop/Beatrix Potter Gallery

MAIN STREET (east side)

LA22 0NS

N54.3747 W2.9984 .
Buckle Yeat

Near Sawrey


Guest House


Buckle Yeat Guest House

[B 5296 west side]

LA22 0LF

[few yards from Tower Bank Arms]

N54.3521 W2.9704 76722
Ginger & Pickles Shop Near Sawrey Private Dwelling L2268   Meadow Croft
Stones Lane

LA22 0LF
N54.3523 W2.9704 N/L
Ginger & Pickles L3797 June 16
  Hill Top (Beatrix Potter) .. Near Sawrey

Open to public

  April 99 Home of Beatrix Potter LA22 0LF
015394 36269
N54.3520 W2.9701 76724
Hill Top L2869 June 05
Sawrey Gill .. Near Sawrey

Open to public

L2273   Home of Beatrix Potter LA22 0LF
015394 36269
N54.3520 W2.9701 76724
Tower Bank Arms Near Sawrey Pub & Retsaurant L2270   Tower Bank Arms

LA22 0LF

N54.3521 W2.9704 .
Lilliput Lane's "Buckle Yeat" is based on Buckle Yeat Guest House LA22 0LF  [IoE 76722] Telephone:  (044) 015394 36446


Illustrated in Beatrix Potter's 'Tale of Tom Kitten'  and 'The Pie and the Patty Pan' 

Photo: Jan Tarrant
Lilliput Lane's "Hill Top" "Hill Top in Winter","Sawrey Gill" , and  "Lakeland Hilltop" are based on Hill Top Farm [IoE 76724 (Beatrix Potter's house)   



Photo: Jan Tarrant


Lilliput Lane's 2 models"Tower Bank Arms" are based on  Tower Bank Arms   LA22 0LF  {Jan Tarrant info}.
It was featured in “ The Tales of Jemima Puddleduck” 

Photo: Jan Tarrant

It is suggested that Lilliput Lane's 2 models "Ginger & Pickles" is based onMeadow Croft off B5285 north of Tower Bank Arms LA22 0LF

Hilary Armstrong suggests the model is based on this house which is near Hill Top and Tower Bank Arms

Photo: Hilary Armstrong

Other buildings

Cottage by the NT Car Park Cottage opposite the NT Car Park
View to Windemere  

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