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Pillar Cottage -Hawkshead . Hawkshead Private Dwelling L2601   Pillar House
Church Hill
(west side)
LA22 0PQ
N54.3745 W2.9991 76838
Rose Castle Cottage Monk Coniston Estate


Holiday Cottage

L2418   Rose Castle
Tarn Hows
[Beside Tarn Hows - accessed by a walking track]
N 54.3898 W3.0267  76814


Tabitha Twitchits Shop . Hawkshead

Open to Public

L2271   Tabitha Twitchit's Shop/Beatrix Potter Gallery

MAIN STREET (east side)

LA22 0NS

N54.3747 W2.9984 76842
Wee Cottage Hawkshead     Jun 14

Vicarage Lane

LA22 0PB

N54.3746 W3.0001 351989 


Lilliput Lane's "Pillar Cottage - Hawkshead" is based on Pillar House, Church Hill (west side) LA22 0PQ  [IoE 76838]
Waymark of Golden Hind            Frith 1930   1955 
Lilliput Lane's "Rose Castle Cottage" is based on Rose Castle, Tarn Hows  LA22 0PT  [IoE 76814]    {Jan Tarrant info} Was owned by Beatrix Potter
Renovation          National Trust Cottage (Project in Progress)         Planning Approvals 11 May 2006 (Page 4)

Photo: Jan Tarrant
How to get there!     --     the hard way


"Beside Tarn Hows - accessed by a walking track"  

{JRS nfo} "I never found the cottage in June 2007. I found these signs and tried this path but eventually turned back"

{Jan Tarrant writes}"Rose Castle cottage is situated on the high land to the east of Tarn Hows."

{Ronald and Sandra Kok write} "This year we looked for Rose Castle Cottage and found it. It is situated on the path which you gave directions for. We followed the whole path and climbed over the footpath fence and followed the foot track. And there it was standing on top of the hill. What a surprise to see a car at the back of the house and a two wheeltrack "highway" which comes from the disabled parking at the road side."

I tried it myself again on June 6, 2017 but had to give up after 35 minutes of difficult paths in the wet. I returned to my car ...and tried another route (below)

How to get there!     --     the easy way
You can park at the National Trust Car Park for Tarn Hows.  Walk along the road to the east until you see some disabled parking places (which you could use of you have a Blue Badge). The track goes to a 5 bar gate which is labelled to Rose Castle Cottage. The walk is not very steep.
Lilliput Lane's "Tabitha Twitchits Shop -Hawkshead" and "Bend or Bump" are based on Tabitha Twitchit's Shop/Beatrix Potter Gallery  LA22 0NS
[IoE 76842]

    Open to Public    Gallery showing original book illustrations by Beatrix Potter {Based on Jan Tarrant info:} 



Photo: Jan Tarrant


Lilliput Lane's "Wee Cottage" is based on Vicarage Lane LA22 0PB  [IoE 351989  BLB]

Photos: Hilary Armstrong
Other Buildings

Church of St Michael & All Saints [IoE 76819]

 ........ from near Pillar Cottage

Town Hall [76871] & K6 [351987] Buttercup Cafe
National Trust Shop [IoE 76850

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