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Lilliput Lane Models not in Europe or USA

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Country Picture of LL Model Name   Town State Visit? LL Ref Actual Location Grid Reference
Australia Captain Cook's Cottage Melbourne Victoria        
Sydney Harbour Bridge 6x3_soh_and_shb_from_boat.jpg (19758 bytes) Sydney NSW Can cross ...and climb! L2851 Sydney Harbour S33.866 E151.209
Sydney Opera House 3x2 soh from sw.jpg (8520 bytes) Sydney NSW Open to public for tours and concerts L2434 Sydney Harbour S33.866 E151.209
Austria   Gebirgskirchlein, Das  .       253    
Bermuda Bermuda Cottage (Pink, Yellow, Blue) .   Bermuda        
Canada Keirstead's Mill  .   Ontario        
Victorian Romance  . Niagara-on the Lake Art Gallery L2308 177 King Street  
India Taj Mahal . Dacca   L2638   N27-10'23 E78-02'32
New Zealand Settlers Surprise  Auckland   Howick Historical Village  L2638 Howick Historical Village

Bells Road, Lloyd Elsmore Park



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