Sydney Harbour


A boat trip around Sydney harbour is an impressive event (John did on February 24, 2002).

The trip started from Circular Quay (between the Opera House and Harbour Bridge), went East along the South shore and returned west along the North shore , into Darling Harbour and back under the bridge.

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Picture of LL Model Name Town State Visit? LL Ref Actual Location Grid Reference
Sydney Harbour Bridge Sydney NSW Can cross ...and climb! L2851 Sydney Harbour S33.866 E151.209

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Lilliput lane's "Sydney Harbour Bridge" is based on the world famous landmark.

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Sydney Opera House..............

................and city

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The cityscape towards Marriott hotel

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3x2 east shore stars houses close.jpg (10866 bytes)

East shore houses homes of movie stars


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The entrance to Sydney Harbour

sailing the energetic way

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RMAS Bounty.....a replica ship does tours

The Governor's mansion

6x3_soh_and_shb_from_boat.jpg (19758 bytes)

The most famous view of Sydney

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3x2 rocks campbells storehouses from boat.jpg (11855 bytes)

RMAS Bounty under the Harbour Bridge

Campbell's Storehouses

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