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Lilliput Lane Models in Herefordshire

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Pictures of LL Models Name Original Town Visit LL Ref. Dates Actual Location Grid Reference IoE
Ding, Dong! Merrily on High Holmer Church L3284  

Detached Bell Tower South Of

Church Of St Bartholomew

Farrners Life for Me Eardisley     May 12 Little Quebb Farmhouse, HR3 6LP   150596


Fiveways Clungunford

Shrops not Herefordshire

Foxglove Fields Credenhill Private Dwelling 151   The Old Cottage


(On A480 just west of triangle at junction with Station Road)

N52.0890 W2.8037 154225
Hampton Manor Lower Brockhampton Open to public .  

NT "Lower Brockhampton"

A44 just East of Bromyard


(Well signed)

N52.1884 W2.4765 House:  150962
Hampton Moat Lower Brockhampton .   Gatehouse:  150963
Joys of Spring, The Sutton St Nicholas Private Dwelling L2703  

The Cresswells

(On road to Marden - RH side)

N52.1083 W2.6870 154059
Junk & Disorderly Pembridge Private Dwelling/ Farm 152  

West End Farm
West Street
HR6 9DX(On the main road, A44, through Pembridge

N52.2179 W2.8972 150338
Little Donkey At All Saints Brockhampton CHURCH . Jan 08

CHURCH OF ALL SAINTS (opp gate to Brockhampton House)

N51.9866 W2.5916 154265
Lower Brockhampton Plaque Lower Brockhampton Open to public    

NT "Lower Brockhampton"

A44 just East of Bromyard


N52.1884 W2.4765 150962 150963
Lucky Charms Ashperton Private Dwelling L2222  


45 &46 Ashperton Road


On A 417 (west side)

N52.0743 W2.5223


Magpie Cottage Dilwyn Private Dwelling ?  

Pitch Cottage

(On A4112 south side)

N52.2006 W2.8412 149793
Pen_Pals_small.jpg (1884 bytes) Pen Pals Eastnor post office.jpg (9797 bytes) Eastnor Post Office L2241   Village post office, Opposite  Eastnor Castle N52.0327  W2.3907 152446
Pear Tree Cottage Mansell Lacey Private Dwelling    

 Ivy Cottage

(at triangle opposite Church)

N51.1061 W2.8397 149745
Sherlock Gnomes Eardisley Private Dwelling L2691  

3 Church Road

(east side)

N52.1377 W3.0051 150621
Tap House, The Carey

near Ross-on-Wye,

Pub/ Restaurant L2682  

The Cottage of Content, HR2 6NG

N51.9759 W2.6369 398869
Titwillow Cottage Earidisley Private Dwelling 646  

Cruck House

Whitney Road by village pump


N52.1408 W3.0116 150644
Wagtails Callow Private Dwelling L2185  

Dewsall Lodge


 HR2 8DD

N52.0070 W2.7418 .

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