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Wagtails Callow Private Dwelling L2185   Dewsall Lodge


 HR2 8DD

N52.0070 W2.7418 .
Photo: Jan Tarrant
I believe Lilliput Lane's "Wagtails" is based on "Dewsall Lodge", Callow, HR2 8DD


Photo: Jan Tarrant
An alternate, similar, building is teh nearby "Farmore Lodge"

The following is based on Info from Jan Tarrant:

The Vicarage and its park appear on the OS 6" map of c.1885, but there is no church at Haywood and nearby Dewsall and Callow are served by Dewsall rectory. The house is shown on the 1831 OS 1" map, when it was called Fountain Cottage. 

The park and drive run up to the Callow road, where there is a lodge copied from the circular cottage at Blaise Hamlet, Bristol, designed by John Nash   for John Matthews of Belmont House.

This lodge was believed to be an outpost of Belmont House, but the OS 6" 1st edition map shows that it belongs to the Vicarage. The Vicarage's park was bought by John Matthews c.1810, and he appears to have made it into a separate estate for his younger son, Arthur, who was vicar of Linton (thus explaining the property's name). The park planting marked on the 6" map is relatively restricted.

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