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Lilliput Lane Models in Derbyshire

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Picture of LL Model

Name Original Town Visit ? LL Ref. Dates Actual Location Grid Reference IoE
Bakewell Lodge Bakewell Private Dwelling . Jan 08

West Lodge
Holme Lane (north side)

DE45 1GF


N53.2182 W1.6760 468150
Bakewells Pudding Bakewell Shop  L3469 Jun 12

The Old Original Bakewell Pudding Shop
The Square
DE45 1BT

N53.2134  W1.6749 468194  BLB
Bobbins, The Esdale Private Dwelling L2178  

Grindsbrook Booth
  S33 7ZD
In a side lane to the left ofthe Old Nags Head

N53.3731 W1.8187 .
The Cascade House Chatsworth In Public Place   Sep 12

Conduit House
Chatsworth House
DE45 1PP

N53.2268 W1.6074



Chatsworth Blooms Pilsley Private Dwelling .   Top House
Main Road B6048
DE45 1UL
N53.2360 W1.6428 81726 BLB
Chatsworth View Edensor Private Dwelling .   Tudor Lodge
Main Road
DE45 1PH
N53.2274 W1.6267 81702 BLB
Christmas at Bakewell Bakewell Shop  L3823 Jun 16 The Old Original Bakewell Pudding Shop
The Square
DE45 1BT
N53.2134  W1.6749 468194  BLB
Christmas Party Pleasley Private Dwelling .  

Lodge At West Entrance To Pleasley Vale

Outgang Lane
NG19 8SB

N53.1799 W1.2300 79310

Crooked Spire, The Chesterfield Church .   St Mary & All Saints

Church Way

S40 1XJ

N53.2355 W1.4245 83446
Frosty Falls Osmaston     Jan 16 Osmaston Saw Mill
Park Lane
Shirley Park


The George At Castleton Castleton Inn   Jan 11

 The George Inn
Castle Street

S33 8WG
N53.3425 W1.7765 82488


Holy Post . Snelston Church . Jan 10:

Church of St Peter

N52.9871 W1.7718 81314
. Hunting Tower Chatsworth Can stay(bookings)   Sep 12:

Hunting Tower
at Chatsworth House
DE45 1PP

N53.2320 W1.6045 81652


Last One Standing  Heath Private Dwelling L3594 Jun 12

The Thatched Cottage

S44 5RX

N53.1980 W1.3319 79354


Last Post for Christmas Snelston . . Jan 10: Address withheld at request of owner   IoE
Little Chippings Osmaston     Jan 16

Osmaston Saw Mill
Park Lane
Shirley Park



Mosswood Hope (nr) . L2179   Melody's Corner
Station Road
S33 6RR
(on the north side of A6187 between the Traveller's Rest and the turning for Hope Station)
N53.3430 W1.7292  N/L
Old Vicarage At Christmas, The Edensor

Not Oxfordshire

Private Dwelling .   Church View, Jap Lane to north of church DE45 1PH N53.2259 W1.6264 81672 BLB]
Paving Your Way Derby .


Jan 12

Kedleston Road

DE22 2NF



Pawnbroker Buxton Bookmakers L2052  

William Hill

5, Eagle Parade,

Market Place,

SK17 6EQ

N53.2566 W1.9146 N/L
Peasants' Cottage . Osmaston   (L3165) Jan 09 In Osmaston Estate village

(poss not exisiting)

. Railway Cottage Edensor Private Dwelling 005   one of Three Cottages West of Church of St Peter opposite Church View
DE45 1PH
N53.2256 W1.6264 81682


Revolution House Old Whittington Museum L2819  

Revolution House

High Street (north side)

N53.2701 W1.4259 83369
Russian House Edensor Holiday Cottage   Sep 12

Long Gallery

N53.2150 W1.6279 81657


Tranquility Elvaston Castle Visit     The English Garden at

Elvaston Castle & Gardens

Borrowash Road  DE72 3EP

N52.8911 W1.390  
Watermeadows Osmaston Private Dwelling .  

Elm Cottage
Quilow Lane (north side)

W52.9896 W1.7023 81428




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