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Model Name Originals Town Visit? LL Ref. Dates Actual Location Grid Reference IoE
Chatsworth View Edensor Private Dwelling .   Tudor Lodge
Main Road
DE45 1PH
N53.2274 W1.6267 81702 BLB
Old Vicarage At Christmas, The Chatsworth

Not Oxfordshire

Private Dwelling .   Church View, Jap Lane to north of church DE45 1PH N53.2259 W1.6264 81672 BLB]
. Railway Cottage Edensor Private Dwelling 005   one of Three Cottages West of Church of St Peter opposite Church View
DE45 1PH
N53.2256 W1.6264 81682


Russian House Edensor Holiday Cottage   Sep 12 Long Gallery
N53.2150 W1.6279 81657


Lilliput Lane's "Chatsworth View" is based on Tudor Lodge, Main Road (B6012) DE45 1PH [IoE 81702 BLB]

Photo: Sherri Reicher


Lilliput Lane's "Old Vicarage At Christmas, The" is based on Church View, Jap Lane to north of church DE45 1PH [IoE  81672 BLB]

Photo: Sherri Reicher

This is a photo of the actual Old Vicarage, 1 And 2 Japp Lane[IoE 81697]
Lilliput Lane's "Railway Cottage" is based on one of Three Cottages (Including Deerlands) West of Church of St Peter opposite Church View DE45 1PH [IoE 81682 BLB]

Photo: Claire Scott
Lilliput Lane's "Russian House" is based on The Russian House,  Long Gallery DE4 2NX [IoE 81657 BLB]

The building is up a long uphill path marked "RC". You can park at Carlton Lees (charge) and walk a mile up the hill. If you are thinking of visiting please ask for furher information.  A walk to Russian House 

Photo: Hilary Armstrong

Photos: Hilary Armstrong
Other Buildings in Edensor
Church of St Peter [IoE 81686]

House East Of Daisy Bank Opposite Sunny Bank, Edensor [IoE 81680]


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