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. Royal Train At Sandringham, The Wolferton Now a series of private homes. L2517   Wolferton Station in Wolferton village N52.829 E0.463 222171 Clock Tower

222173 Main upside station

222165 Signal box

Lilliput Lane's "Royal Train at Sandringham" is based on the station at Wolferton which was used for visitors to Sandringham.  We visited on August 4, 2005

All Photos of models Photo: GW       Click for old video 


Signal Box


Signal box

IoE 222165

The signal box is integrated with some workers' buildings, all in the style of the Sandringham Estate



Clock Tower


Clock House

IoE 222171

We met the owner of the Clock Tower and , as he had worked in Automotive design, we had some friend and places in common



Station Building


Clock House

IoE 222171



Ceremonial Entrance


At first I thought this was a figment of the sculptors imagination but then realised it was based on a gate on the "up " line.

It is part of IoE 222166

5 "Royal Sovereign" locomotive

The above photo is of another in this Class. 61621 at March  in 1956 (Photo: PH Groom)

 "Royal Sovereign" Class B2 4-6-0

Originally "MANCHESTER CITY", (11 June 1937)

 Renamed "ROYAL SOVEREIGN" (in April 1946

)LNER 2871 (26 Aug 1945)

 BR 61671 (23 Sep 1948)

Withdrawn on 22nd Sep 1958 and cut up at Stratford.

 "Royal Engine" for many years and in between Royal assignments could be found resplendently turned out by Cambridge shed on the Buffet Expresses to Kings Cross.

6 The Royal Train   Royal Train at National Railway Museum, York :    Exterior    Bedroom    Stateroom




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