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Thaxted is one of our favorite towns. We actually looked over 6 homes with a view to purchase. In the event none of them met our needs, but we still like to return to the town.

The tune is "Thaxted" from Gustav Holst's Planet Suite: Jupiter. Holst was organist at Thaxted Church

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The street at the side of the Guildhall has old old timbered buildings and if you look closely down the street you can see how crooked all the buildings are. Even though they were built in 1490, they are still homes and we seriously thought about purchasing one of them 3 Stoney Lane [IoE 122404] and also the shop [IoE 122455] to the right of these pictures.

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This street gently twists and dips After all these years there is not a straight wall on any of these buildings but they are still homes and businesses. One of our favorite tea rooms is the second building on the right. The house with the lamppost is the rear of one we looked at. to buy. It has a rear garden about 6 foot by 5 foot!

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Windmill Area

Church Area

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This is part of the High Street and is the house where Holst lived 1917-1925. T The blue plaques appear all over England on buildings where someone famous has lived.
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